Villains Revealed For The CW's Supergirl, Flash, Arrow Crossover

It'll take something pretty sinister to bring together all the CW's DC superheroes for a four-show crossover, and we aren't talking about publicists.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed (via Entertainment Weekly) that the heroes from his own series will join with characters from Supergirl and The Flash to battle a villainous foe that might only be familiar to comic book readers who remember the '80s.

"We're taking inspiration from a DC crossover from the late 1980s known as Invasion!, which featured an alien race called the Dominators, who'd previously vexed the Legion of Superheroes," he said. "We're using cutting-edge prosthetics and computer effects to achieve a feature film quality look which is faithful to Invasion! artist Todd McFarlane's interpretation of the characters."

In Invasion!, the Dominators are members of an advanced alien race who enlist other aliens to invade Earth in order to vanquish the threat and unpredictability of metahumans. As EW points out, the planet Daxam was part of the coalition in the comics, and that just happens to be where Supergirl's new pal Mon-El (Chris Wood) comes from. We know Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will be in the first few episodes of the upcoming second season of Supergirl, and he would sure come in handy at a time like this. But there's no word if he'll be involved in the crossover.

All of the shows are gearing up for their fall season premieres: The Flash on Oct. 4, Arrow on Oct. 5, Supergirl on Oct. 10, and Legends of Tomorrow on Oct. 13.