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The Homelander Comics Moment Fans Want To See In The Boys TV Show

Amazon's The Boys has as much gore, vulgarity, and sex as you would expect, if you've read the comic book series. One area the show excels at is its interpretation of the good ol' American boy gone so very, very wrong in Homelander. Anthony Starr perfectly portrays Homelander's psychopathic tendencies, to the point where you never really know what he's going to do next. Homelander was a major highlight of season 2, all the way up until the shocking ending that will have you begging for season 3 to come out as soon as possible. Season 2 saw tensions increase, as Homelander strikes up a partnership with Stormfront to radicalize their base, so that superheroes can consolidate power. 

However, while Homelander has done a lot of messed up things in the comics, and viewers are used to watching Homelander delve deeper into depravity, there's one moment from the comics that's a bit more lighthearted, and would give us a chance to see another side of the superhero we haven't seen before. This moment is pretty straightforward. It's not some major action set piece, so it'd be easy to pull off in the TV series — and hopefully it comes up in a future season because fans are really clamoring for it.  

Fans want to see Homelander sing the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive"

Homelander doesn't joke around much. Sure, he puts on a smile in front of crowds and tries to come across as America's golden boy, but when he's all by himself, his more evil tendencies shine through. That's what makes one moment from the comics so interesting. As pointed out in a Reddit thread started by u/JustWinning733, there's a comic panel which shows Homelander walking around by himself, singing "Stayin' Alive" by Bee Gees. There's no real context behind it. It's just a fun moment. But it's also a rare beat of levity from Homelander, and fans love it, to the point where the original poster wrote: "We need to make a petition so this happens in the show."

Some of the comments, further down in the thread, include, "This always makes me chuckle," and "The vague humming during the parts he doesn't quite know the words, that's so funny to me." Redditor u/TheVisionofaVizier even has an idea to incorporate it within the show by suggesting it involves, "a montage of him just murdering the Supe-terrorists." Redditor u/duaneap points out how the scene is reminiscent of "Patrick Bateman with Walking on Sunshine." 

Homelander could definitely be considered an "American Psycho," and a horrifying aspect of both characters is how these songs make them seem more ... human. They listen to the same music we all do. It makes them more relatable, and if you find yourself relating to a murderous psychopath, then that character becomes even more unsettling. As of right now, though, we haven't really seen what kind of music Homelander likes to listen to, but that could change, and it's possible we'll see this musical moment in season 3, when it's released in 2021 or 2022.