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Why Cobra Kai's Freezer Scene Means More Than You Think

In a world oversaturated with '80s nostalgia, the about-to-be three season-deep Cobra Kai offers up a product that's a cut above the rest. Its knack for revering and honoring its origins in the Karate Kid film franchise while also providing viewers with a fresh and interesting story is second to none. As a result, the series' fanbase, much like its cast, is a unique blend of young and old that are both equally catered to. Most enjoy simply watching the narrative unfold, but in both camps, several Cobra Kai watchers seek something more out of their viewing experience: Easter eggs. 

Thankfully for those eagle-eyed binge-watchers, the series certainly delivers on small, seemingly insignificant details that actually mean a lot in the long run. More often than not, they exist to bridge the gap between Cobra Kai and the Karate Kid movies and give a nod to die-hard fans. Even though some viewers' supposed findings turn out to be a bit of a stretch — like Mr. Miyagi's bonsai tree, for example — others are much more concrete. In one particular instance, there's quite an overt nod to a side character from the first Karate Kid from 1984, whose exploits after the credits rolled were previously left to the imagination.

Cobra Kai references Freddy Fernandez through labels on boxes of meat

In one of Cobra Kai's deepest cuts, the episode titled "Lull" from its second season referenced one of the more obscure yet important characters in the chronology. Struggling through the hottest day of the year, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) decides that instead of canceling his students' training session, he'll make some adjustments to their environment. He brings his pupils into a meat locker to keep them cool as they undergo their martial arts exercises. In the background of the scene, viewers can make out a label for the Fernandez Meat Company, referencing classic Karate Kid character Freddy Fernandez.

For those who don't recall, Fernandez, as played by Israel Juarbe in The Karate Kid, is one of the first people Daniel makes friends with after moving to Reseda, Los Angeles, California, and dubs him "the karate kid." The two boys meet by pure chance when Daniel kicks open a door in their complex, which Freddy was standing behind, knocking him over. The two became fast friends — although, for some reason, Freddy didn't get any more screentime outside of the first movie. 

One would imagine he and Daniel remained friends after all these years, so perhaps he got into the meat business as an adult and allowed his childhood buddy to borrow the freezer for the day. Either way, it's neat to see Cobra Kai go all-in with its world-building — even if all that it entails is a quick name-drop.