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The White Lotus Hint In Avatar The Last Airbender You Never Noticed

Avatar: The Last Airbender remains one of the most thematically-rich children's shows of the 21st century. Kids and adults alike have binge-watched the series to enter a fantastical world filled with individuals who can control the four elements: Earth, water, air, and fire. Friendships grew as wars raged across the land, and one of the reasons why the show is so beloved amongst is fans is the world-building the series was able to accomplish over just three seasons. 

One of the most mysterious concepts introduced by the show is the Order of the White Lotus. This was a secret society that went beyond the four nations. Some of the most powerful characters in The Last Airbender belong to this society, as evidenced by how critical it is to General Iroh's backstory. And while some of the secrets have been revealed about the White Lotus, it seems as though we're destined to not fully understand everything about the secret society. It's possible the live-action Avatar Netflix series could go into more depth. 

Given this air of mystery, it makes sense for fans to look for every detail they can about the Order of the White Lotus, and one perspicacious Redditor has found a hidden symbol of the White Lotus that may change how you view one of the characters.

The White Lotus symbol is found on Sokka's sword on Avatar: The Last Airbender

In the fourth episode of Book Three: Fire, Sokka decides he wants to be more formidable, like his companions. The group goes to a weapons store, where Sokka comes across a priceless sword forged by one of the most renowned swordmasters in the Fire Nation, Piandao, who just so happens to live in a nearby castle. The group goes to the castle, and despite the Order of the White Lotus being a secret society, Piandao is apparently very bad at keeping it that way. You can see the symbol of the organization throughout his abode, and it even shows up in other places some fans missed when the episode first came out. 

Redditor u/10yrs_firstacct points out the hilt of the sword Piandao gives Sokka at the end of the episode depicts the same White Lotus insignia. As some fans have suggested, it was a way for Piandao to low-key recruit Sokka into the organization, and he no doubt would make a great fit. The reason Piandao trains Sokka in the first place (despite refusing to train so many others) is due to his humility. To make this recruiting particularly clear, Piandao sends Fat after Sokka to present him with a Pai Sho tile showing the White Lotus symbol.

Piandao states that Sokka could become a great swordmaster later in life thanks to his ingenuity and creativity. It's very possible that Sokka joined the organization when he was older, and perhaps a Last Airbender video game, comic book, or TV series could fill in the gaps showing this untold story in Sokka's life.