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Why Miss Perkins' Final Decision From John Wick Bothers Fans

We're already a full trilogy of films into the John Wick saga, and with more underworld madness on the way, the franchise is clearly set to keep the bloodlust of action fans sated for years to come.

Given that the original flick was essentially ignored by everyone during its 2014 theatrical run, the fact that it birthed a blockbuster franchise remains shocking, in and of itself. But those who witnessed the birth of John Wick lore in 2014 quickly got the word out that the new Keanu Reeves actioner was an instant genre classic. In turn, John Wick fandom exploded once it hit the VOD and DVD markets, dazzling viewers with mind-boggling set pieces, complex world-building, and a cast of characters as wildly original as they were fantastically fatal. Not surprisingly, most of those characters met unceremonious ends, via Mr. Wick's fists, or at the end of his gun. And while some John Wick deaths were more extravagantly executed than others, few were more surprising as that of the fearless, ass-kicking femme tasked with offing Mr. Wick in the original movie. 

Her name was Miss Perkins. She was portrayed in John Wick by frequent film and TV tough-gal Adrienne Palicki (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). And she came closer to ending Mr. Wick's bloody return to action that pretty much any other High Table goon in the ever-expanding Wick Cinematic Universe. 

The problem with Miss Perkins' attempt on Wick's life (and her subsequent execution of Clarke Peters' Harry) is that it came within the walls of The Continental hotel, and spilling blood in The Continental is a very big no-no — one that ultimately costs Miss Perkins her life. That fact continues to puzzle John Wick fandom, as the fiery killer seemingly walked blindly into her own execution.  

Miss Perkins was probably well aware of her fate when she attended that meeting

As a reminder, spilling blood on The Continental grounds earned John Wick his "excommunicado" status in John Wick: Chapter 2. And the "no fighting" rule may be the most explicitly detailed one in the course of the first two films. So yes, Miss Perkins undoubtedly knew that, when she chose to attack Wick and kill Harry on Continental grounds — which means she also knew the consequences if she got caught. Such it is, John Wick fans remain baffled that she actually showed up when Winston (Ian McShane) summoned her back to the underworld oasis at the end of the film.

The issue remains a topic of debate in Reddit-land, with many pondering if Perkins returned to The Continental out of naivete, knowing nobility, or if she were simply ambushed by Winston's crew. A debate opened up when user MrAnonymous117 bluntly questioned Perkins' choice, asking, "Was she really stupid enough to not realize what was going to happen after what she did?" While some go on to posit she was indeed attacked unexpectedly, kornflakes1989 offered a hilariously logical response to the opening question, "She was stupid enough to try killing John in the hotel. One could argue that she was stupid to try and kill John at all."

Truer words have surely not been spoken, on the subject of killing John Wick, but MuricaMannn later makes an intriguing argument that Perkins attended the meet implicitly understanding her fate, "She basically got 'sent for' like Lefty from [1997 gangster flick] Donnie Brasco. One way or another, she will die. This way she does it with the most respect and dignity."

Whatever led Miss Perkins back to The Continental, every John Wick fan can likely agree she was among the best of the O.G. Wick foes, and the character was sorely missed in subsequent sequels.