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The One Character Fans Are Hoping To See In The Boys

As season 2 of The Boys unfolds, fans are hoping one particularly wild Supe from the comics will make his debut on screen: Tek-Knight. The robot suit-wearing Tek-Knight seems like a natural addition to the cast, as he's a parody of both Batman and Iron Man. His comic book plot, however, almost entirely revolves around the fact that he has near uncontrollable urges to have sex with just about anything.

The comics' fans have already latched on to the few times Tek-Knight has been referenced in the show. For example, when Butcher and Hughie visited a group therapy session in season 1, they found several people who'd been hurt by Supes. A woman in a wheelchair said Tek-Knight saved her, but added the twisted detail that she wished he'd been more gentle with her spine. From this we can gather that Tek-Knight, like most of the Supes, has little regard for the safety of normal people.

Tek-Knight is as ridiculous and raunchy as it gets

Whether Tek-Knight will make a real appearance on the show, however, we can only guess. It's possible he's just too ridiculous for the serious tone of the series. After revealing a disturbing array of people and things he's violated, his written story concluded with him dying via wheelbarrow to the head. In his final moments, he dreamed of saving the world by defiling an asteroid –– his highest fantasy.

Alternatively, despite The Boys showing some gruesome and disturbing things on screen, Tek-Knight may be the raunchy line they don't want to cross. With the show's condemnation of the Deep's serial sexual assault, it seems unlikely they'll play up Tek-Knight's sexual deviance entirely for humor.

On the other hand, the new member of The Seven, Stormfront (Aya Cash), could be a clue in his favor. In the comics, Stormfront and Tek-Knight were both members of a superhero group called Payback. Her character, however, is fairly different from the comics. If Tek-Knight does appear in The Boys, he'll likely be somewhat changed from his comic book counterpart.