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How Much Money Dude Perfect Is Really Worth

Year after year, ever since 2009, the men of the Dude Perfect brand and YouTube channel — the twin brothers Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler "Ty" Toney — have been able to maintain themselves as a constant beloved presence in the slippery, sometimes finicky world of internet notoriety. 

Staying relevant in the extremely competitive and rapidly-professionalized environment of vlogging has grown particularly difficult these past five years or so. If you've been around the YouTube block long enough, you could, with some effort, probably dust off viral channels of yore in your far memory, but even those did not get to enjoy the household-name status the site catapults others to today. Dude Perfect's shtick, in particular, has the benefit of being perennial — we, as a species, will never, ever get tired of watching athletic people perform various stupid human tricks for fun and profit. Luckily, the five titular dudes of the Dude Perfect brand are the kings of that form.

What does that kind of content mean for the bottom line, though? The videos that they make have a full professional repertoire behind them, celebrity guest stars, and even the occasional tossed basketball off of monolithic corporate skyscrapers. Expensive exploits in turn mean big paydays, but just how much of that gets back to the Dudes, incorporated?

The diversified holdings of Dude Perfect

The best reported statistic on Dude Perfect's income, as of 2019, was about $20 million dollars, according to CNBC, but there's a catch to that: it's purely their YouTube viewing earnings. Now, that probably does make up the bulk of their revenue (it's their official job, after all), since the channel boasts nearly 50 million subscribers and average 7-8 million hits on their once-a-week videos. Those impressive numbers are only part of the picture, however.

That's because, as Naibuzz points out, Dude Perfect has entered into a number of endorsement deals and other branding opportunities, including the sale of their own merchandise. Those probably bring in more money than most people see in a lifetime, but probably still nets only in the single-digit millions. On top of that, the boys do have a television deal and had new episodes of The Dude Perfect Show airing on Nickelodeon through 2019. Though no fourth season has been confirmed, there's no reason to believe that deal won't be renewed eventually — 2020 has been a tough televised content year for everybody. 

All together, these one-time branding endorsements, TV royalties, and one-time salaries for appearing on-screen in episodes could easily double that $20 million, but there's no way to know what the numbers are for certain. Regardless, it seems that doing basketball tricks and casually breaking Guinness World Records can bring quite a payday, if you're determined and bold enough to put it on the internet for all to see and judge.