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The Unexpected Item Donnie Wahlberg Keeps On Danny's Desk On Blue Bloods

The gritty CBS drama Blue Bloods isn't for the faint of heart, and frequently treads on some pretty heavy topics. After all, it's a show centering on the New York City Police Department and, more specifically, the Regan family, who are all involved in the NYPD in some manner or another. As a result, the subject matter tends to either focus on solving crimes or serious family strain. This material leaves the cast no choice but to get their laughter in-between takes — something in which Donnie Wahlberg is proficient.

The former member of New Kids on the Block is one of the principal characters on Blue Bloods, filling the role of no-nonsense NYPD detective Danny Regan. He's become a mainstay on the series since it began in 2010 and is one of the longest-tenured cast members on the show. Working on the same sets for over a decade can turn them from fictional backdrops to second homes of sorts for many actors, and in renovating Regan's work desk, Wahlberg made a quite unexpected interior design choice that'll leave you scratching your head and grinning at the same time.

Donny Wahlberg keeps a picture of Tracy Morgan on Danny Regan's desk

In January of 2020, Donnie Wahlberg took to Instagram to share a Blue Bloods Easter egg of sorts with his followers, and he didn't disappoint. As he explains in the clip, "A lot of TV cops on television. How many of those TV cops have a Tracy Morgan 8" by 10" on their desk?" The picture is giggle-inducing, to say the least, dressing the iconic comedian up in freshly-ironed police uniform, but what's even more hilarious is how long Wahlberg managed to keep it on Danny Regan's desk, even when the cameras were rolling.

In the post's caption, Wahlberg added "100% #facts! I've kept this on Danny's desk for nine seasons!" Wahlberg added in the caption, "Only I'm not sure that Danny Reagan actually loves the @tracymorgan pic as much as @donniewahlberg does!" following it up with a handful of hashtags, one being #CopOut. This is a sly reference to Morgan's inclusion in the 2010 Kevin Smith comedy Cop Out, in which he starred alongside Bruce Willis. Could Tracy Morgan debut on Blue Bloods as part of the NYPD in the incoming season 11? Time will tell, but for now, this is all just a fun jest between friends.