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The Simpsons Easter Egg You Never Caught In Futurama

Interesting characters, engaging plots, and solid writing are all key elements in getting TV viewers to tune in every week. But a long-running series can sometimes add an extra layer, sprinkling in little bonuses to keep die-hard fans on their toes from episode to episode. Futurama co-creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, along with their creative team of detail-oriented nerds, certainly never passed up an opportunity to do just that.

In the history of animated television, Groening is in a league of his own. He cemented his legacy as a creative genius with The Simpsons, followed that up with a cult favorite in Futurama, and brought his expertise to a new generation with Disenchantment. As evident by his body of work, he tends to make broad leaps from genre to genre while maintaining a certain trademark style and humor.

The ties between Groening projects just so happen to run deeper than aesthetic choices, as now and again one of his shows will give a passing mention to its contemporaries. Recently, the sleuths over on Reddit outdid themselves yet again, bringing up a very subtle Simpsons Easter egg from one of Futurama's early episodes that was nearly impossible to catch during the first viewing.

Homer and Marge's initials appear in the background of a Futurama episode

The episode in question is the ninth episode of Futurama's first season, "Hell is Other Robots." The story centers largely on Bender, who ends up addicted to electricity and seeks out help for his problem. He joins the Temple of Robotology and vows to never sin again unless he wishes to burn in Robot Hell, which is where he ends up after Fry, Leela, and the gang tempt him with alcohol and prostitutes because they're tired of his newfound pious attitude. With the aid of Nibbler, Fry and Leela track Bender down and discover the location of Robot Hell within an abandoned amusement park.

During their search, they enter a run-down attraction aptly named The Inferno, covered in fake flames and bones. Perceptive viewers might notice it also bears a crude scribbling of a heart with the initials "H.S. + M.B." carved into the wall. The letters stand for Homer Simpson and Marge Bouvier, indicating it was scrawled there when Homer and Marge were dating. While it's no secret that The Simpsons universe and Futurama's distant 30th century share a timeline, this is still a fun Easter egg to include for those who aren't in the know, and is further evidence of their connection.