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Lucifer Season 6 - What We Know So Far

At long last, we have access to another dose of the charming devil known as Lucifer. The first half of the show's fifth season dropped on Netflix on August 21, 2020 and shattered Netflix's TV streaming records. For most, a weekend binge session soaked up all the new season had to offer so far, quickly and efficiently. We've been patient long enough, after all — a global pandemic extended an already long wait and we weren't looking to spend another moment waiting for more adventures involving the dapper demon lord.

It wasn't too long, however, before we were left jonesing for more once again. Luckily, Netflix has already announced that the show will return for a sixth season, which was a relief for fans to hear. Despite its popularity, Lucifer has always felt as though it is limping along, barely sneaking in for another season each time network execs do a sweep. Lucifer fans are dedicated, though, and even started petitions to keep the show rolling. This has no doubt helped the show continue to find new life, and the anxiety that this uncertainty creates could also contribute to why each episode feels so gloriously satisfying; like we are cheating death. 

Still, even as the thrill of Lucifer's fifth season settles in, we're already looking ahead. Here's what we know so far about season 6 of Lucifer.

What cast members are returning for Season 6?

There are a few things we know for certain about the City of Angels: Everyone knows an alternate route to get everywhere, your Uber driver has headshots in his glove box, the taco truck in the alley that your friend recommended isn't worth it, and L.A. wouldn't have the same allure without a sharp-dressed devil zipping down its streets with his convertible top down. The creators of Lucifer recognized that last fact and were sure to secure Tom Ellis for a season 6 run, even though contract negotiations left us biting our nails for while there. 

As long as we have Ellis, the show could probably survive losing a limb, but every character on Lucifer plays a crucial part in the show's energy, so let's talk about some other returning faces. Also signed on for more episodes is our title character's kryptonite in the form of Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Lesley-Ann Brandt will be returning as Maze along with Rachael Harris in the role of Dr. Linda Martin. And what would the police force be without its most entertaining members in the form of Detective Douche ... er ... Detective Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) and the one-woman forensics team that is Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia), respectively. Last but not least, D.B Woodside decided to leave us in suspense for as long as possible before confirming in a tweet at the beginning of July that he would also be coming back for season 6. Now all that the gang's all together, it's time to hash out the rest of their story.

What is the story with Lucifer season 6?

Given that all the actors only came on board in July of 2020, it's fair to say that even the writers might not know where things are headed at this point. In fact, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich, were approached by Netflix to do a season 6 while they were finishing up a final draft for a series finale, leading to a decision to chop off their ending (which quickly wrapped things up for each character) and dive into each element a bit more for an entire season. All this uncertainty, however, hasn't stopped fans from creating their own theories to predict where the show creators might take us. 

One of our favorite theories about where season 6 might start comes from a Lucifer subreddit, where a fan offered up a theory that branches out from the very first moments in season 5's first episode. In the past four seasons, the show has opened up with Lucifer having an encounter with Lee Garner (Jeremiah Birkett). SPOILER: In the first episode of season 5 Garner is stuck in a Hell loop. Lucifer presents him with a door into his childhood home to see his family — a door he wasn't able to enter in the land of the living because of his guilty conscience. Redditors posit that the door with which Lucifer presents Garnerh is actually the way out of Hell. How beautifully poetic would that be? We have a long way to go to find out, but here's hoping Garner finds redemption.

During the second day of DC's FanDome virtual convention, held on September 12, the creative team behind Lucifer revealed an exciting clip from a forthcoming musical episode entitled "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam." While that episode is technically set to air as part of season 5b, it does suggest that the showrunners are willing to take their series to some interesting new places over the narrative home stretch on Netflix. 

When does Lucifer season 6 premiere?

The minds behind Lucifer were a little over halfway done with shooting season 5 when the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone involved went their separate ways, quarantined themselves, and waited for updates. In an attempt to satiate the desires of a ravenous fanbase, Netflix decided to release the first half of Lucifer season 5 that had already been shot. With record numbers logging into the streaming platform for the show, it seems that was certainly the right call.

Fortunately, it looks like work on the remaining episodes is continuing apace, since co-showrunner Joe Henderson took to Twitter back in October 2020 to announce that season 5 was finished and production on season 6 had officially begun. 2021 is looking to be devil of a year for streaming, though fans hoping to catch season 5b in January or February of 2021 have been stymied. We're still banking on a Q1 debut for season 5's back half, though it is a bit dispiriting that we don't even have a concrete release date as of January 31, 2021. Hopefully this lag will only collapse the time between season 5b and season 6 and not delay the final season entirely.

Per news coming out of DC FanDome, the sixth and final season of Lucifer will be shorter than season 5 (via Deadline). Netflix has agreed to a ten-episode order for the revenant series, a manageable size that should hopefully expedite the production process and limit the lag between season 5b and season 6. For what its worth, Henderson and Modrovich seem satisfied that the order will allow them to send Lucifer Morningstar off in style.

"We had one more story to tell," Modrovich said, "you can't kill the devil, my friend." And as of October 29, that final story has apparently wrapped.