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New BTS Avatar 2 Photos Are Extremely Revealing

While we may have crossed the decade mark in our wait for James Cameron's sequels to his 2009 mega-hit Avatar, we're starting to see an uptick in behind-the-scenes peeks, and they've been very promising. After getting a look at some of the futuristic vehicles that will be featured in the sequel, we're now laying eyes on one of the sets for the upcoming film, and it's about as massive as our expectations.

The set images come courtesy of producer Jon Landau, who has previously worked on other Cameron movies like Titanic and the original Avatar. He took to his Instagram to share two pics from the film's set in New Zealand that demonstrate just how enormous the scope of the production is. Cameron famously decided to take his time making the follow-ups to his sci-fi epic, and is currently in the process of filming all four sequels. After yet another delay due to filming shutdowns earlier this year, Avatar 2 is currently scheduled to come out on December 16, 2022, while Avatar 5 is set to follow on December 22, 2028 (via Deadline).

Let's take a closer look at the images and see what details we can mine about the forthcoming Avatar sequels.

Get a look at the gigantic sets for Avatar 2

The first pic that Landau posted is an aerial shot of a giant set that has been constructed on a cavernous soundstage. The caption identifies the set as the "High Camp Bio Lab," which is presumably a scientific and/or medical installation, probably belonging to the Resources Development Administration (RDA). Even from the far-away vantage point, we can see that the lab is full of tables, monitors, and other medical equipment. The entire set also appears to be bathed in blue lighting.

In the next image, we get in a bit closer. This one is a candid shot of Cameron himself sitting next to what appears to be some storyboards. Cameron is on the set for the High Camp Bio Lab, and in addition to glimpses at some medical devices, we can also see a glass tunnel of some kind in the background. We've already learned that Avatar 2 will feature some significant underwater set pieces, so could the tunnel in the High Camp Bio Lab be a path to the submerged worlds of Pandora?

As we have been doing since 2009, we'll have to continue to wait until we can find out for sure.