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Star Wars: Rogue One Droid C2-B5 Looks Familiar

On the YouTube series The Star Wars Show, host Peter Townley revealed a previously unseen member of the Rogue One cast: Imperial droid C2-B5.

And while the new robot looks a lot like R2-D2 after an emo makeover, there's reason to believe he won't have the same precocious personality.

Townley said C2-B5 is an Astromech droid, just like R2, but since he works for the Galactic Empire, he doesn't have the same freedom. "The galactic Empire relies on Astromech droids to maintain its machinery," he said. "But unlike the Rebel alliance, Imperial technicians do not grant droids independence and subject them to frequent memory wipes."

Check out the official image Lucasfilm released:This probably means C2-B5 is all business, and not up for as much fun as R2-D2. That might be fitting: sources told JoBlo the anthology flick will be grittier and more realistic than previous installments of the series. And the franchise also recently lost Kenny Baker–the actor who portrayed R2-D2. Still, it's unclear how big a role C2-B5 will play.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premieres Dec. 16. Check out everything we think we know about it.