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The Hidden Movie Reference You Missed In The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy creators Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to drop stealthy pop culture references throughout their hit Netflix series. Fans literally spent the entire intervening time between seasons 1 and 2 unearthing all the interesting Easter eggs scattered throughout the first batch of ten episodes, and now the diverting search has restarted anew.

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy debuted on July 31, and ever since then the grim superhero story has held its ground on the streamer's daily top ten. That means there are plenty of viewers out there hunting for hidden references and subtle nods, and at least one of them just struck fanboy gold. Reddit user u/sheikh_n_bake has a bead one particular Easter egg buried deep within season 2, episode 3, entitled "The Swedish Job."

Thanks to a careful watch the episode and an enduring passion for Guy Ritchie's stylish Snatch, this redditor identified a subtle homage to the 2000 crime comedy. "Who else noticed the most obvious reference to Snatch in S2E3, Luther is hit with the uppercut from the floor which lifts him off his feet, just like in the famous snatch scene, he then proceeds to fall in slow motion," the user wrote. "One scene later Stranglers – Golden Brown plays to just make the homage even more obvious..."

We've checked their facts and figures, and we have to agree: They're onto something.

The Umbrella Academy takes its boxing cues from a proper boxing film

As u/sheikh_n_bake aptly points out, the scene in question features the Hargreeves' Number One, Luther (Tom Hopper), on the receiving end of a pretty nasty uppercut. Upon closer inspection, the scene's fight choreography definitely resembles a similar punch delivered during an iconic bout in Snatch; in fact, the resemblance is so close that it has to be intentional.

While the famous uppercut from Snatch happens during that film's final fight scene, The Stranglers' hit "Golden Brown" actually plays at the end of a brutal bout between Mickey (Brad Pitt) and Gorgeous George (Adam Fogerty). The two go at it hard, and as the slow-mo sets in, so does the music. If there was any question what Blackman and Slater were up to with episode 3, the use of "Golden Brown" pretty much settles it.

u/sheikh_n_bake's fellow redditors seem to agree. u/babycarrotsandranch wrote in reply, "Yessss! I just now watched this scene then immediately googled 'umbrella academy snatch' and this post was the first thing that popped up lol."

It's early yet in the life cycle of The Umbrella Academy season 2. If the most recent set of episodes is anywhere near as loaded up with subtle (and not-so-subtle) references as its predecessor, we should be coming up with Easter eggs like this one for months — if not years — to come.