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The Boys Fans Just Got A Season 2 Surprise

The Little Mermaid's Ariel has gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but Amazon's The Boys? Well, they've got boats and bloodshed galore. 

Amazon Prime Studios unleashed a bonkers new sneak peek The Boys season 2 during the series' San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel, which took place on Thursday, July 23. 

In true-blue Boys fashion, the clip is about as gory and visceral as they come. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), Frenchie (Tomer Capon), Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), and Mother's Milk (Laz Alonso) are seen zipping across a body of water in a speed boat, attempting to escape the pursuit of the Deep (Chace Crawford) — a member of the "superhero" squad known as the Seven who can control with marine life and breathe underwater. (Basically, the Deep is like Aquaman if Aquaman was phony in his vigilantism and involved with a bunch of evil people instead of actual heroes.) The Deep is seen riding a sperm whale while a pod of whales swim after the Boys.

Things look like they're going the way of the Deep after the "hero" directs his whale to land on the shore of a beach, directly blocking the passage through which the Boys need to go. However, the tables turn when the Boys don't back down or flinch for a second. In response to the Deep's move, Butcher drives the speed boat straight into the whale, which explodes into a shower of blood and guts. Poor guy.

The Boys season 2 is shaping up to be big, bold, and brash

As this new clip so perfectly demonstrates, those who suspected even for a second that The Boys season 2 would ease up on the gas and tone down the violence, grit, and intensity are wrong as wrong can be. The upcoming batch of episodes, which will hit Amazon Prime Video on September 4, will crank everything fans love about the series up to 11. Prepare for more outrageous action, blood-soaked sequences, colorful language, and jaw-dropping twists and turns. 

Following the events of season 1, The Boys season 2 finds the titular crew attempting to evade law enforcement. With the Supes – the superheroes of the Seven, the premier superhero team that the conglomerate Vought International oversees — on their tail and their own crew divided at the start of the season, our literal anti-heroes have a tough road ahead. Tensions flare on the Supes' side as Homelander (Antony Starr) sets out to take over the Seven but is soon threatened when newcomer and social media expert Stormfront (Aya Cash) arrives to join the team. An already fired-up Seven getting even more heated? That doesn't bode well for anyone — especially not the Boys.

Also in the season 2 mix is a new super-villain threat that shakes up all law and order — which, to no surprise, Vought International jumps on in attempts to capitalize on growing fear and anxiety.

While we don't expect there to be any more exploding whales on The Boys season 2, the new episodes are certainly going to raise the bar in many different ways. Catch the season premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 4.