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Rob Liefeld Has Choice Words For Disney About Not Using Deadpool

Way back in 1991, one of Marvel's most popular characters was born from the minds of comic creators Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld: Deadpool, a.k.a. Wade Wilson, a.k.a. the Merc with a Mouth. Similar to DC's Deathstroke in both appearance and superpowers, the character himself couldn't be more different, constantly cracking jokes and tearing straight through the fourth wall. The erratic craziness of Deadpool translated well onto the silver screen not once, but twice, making significant headway for R-rated superhero flicks.

That was 20th Century Fox, though. Last year, Disney acquired Fox (now known as 20th Century Studios), raising the question of how (or if) the Marvel properties that once called Fox home — Deadpool, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four — would make the shift into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Liefeld's already spoken about the unlikelihood of Deadpool 3 happening anytime soon, but he didn't stop there.

Liefeld believes Deadpool gives Disney options

In a July 2020 interview with IGN, Liefeld expanded on ways he thinks Disney could be using Deadpool outside of live-action films, especially since there are fewer roadblocks to animation production in the current uncertain climate. "Animators can work from home," he bluntly stated. "Digital artists can work from home." With that in mind — as well as the popularity of the character he co-created — he argued for the existence of more Deadpool video games and cartoons. From the way Liefeld worded it, it sounds more like he's trying to nurture his co-creation rather than focusing on his own financial stake in the property. He genuinely loves his murderous brainchild.

Deadpool already has one game under his belt and makes appearances in others. He also shows up in multiple Marvel animated properties, such as Hulk vs. Wolverine. In fact, there was almost a Deadpool animated series before the Disney-Fox merger. All things considered, Liefeld's suggestions aren't anything far-fetched. As if he needed actual proof, he cited the success of Sony's Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — a film produced outside of the Disney umbrella.

Is Deadpool dead in the water at Disney?

Liefeld isn't holding his breath, though. "There's a demand here," he said in the same interview. "I hope they fill it, but I'm not sure they will." And he very well may be right. After all, Deadpool and its sequel aren't anywhere to be found on Disney+, most likely because of the barrier-shattering displays of violence, sexual overtones, and open usage of naughty language in both movies. The streaming platform seems averse to R-rated films in general.

That's not to say there's no violence or harsh language in Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, but it's PG-13 appropriate — stuff that doesn't even compare to what Deadpool brought to the Hollywood table. If there ever is a Deadpool 3, or if an animated series is in the cards, the tone is as likely to change as Disney's attitude toward the franchise.

Wherever the Merc with a Mouth may be, he's sure to have some choice words for Disney as well, though they're probably — no, definitely — racier than what his co-creator Liefeld's had to say.