Vivica A. Fox Shares Amazing Idea For Kill Bill: Vol. 3

Quentin Tarantino's samurai masterpiece is an epic revenge story told in two parts. As fans will likely tell you, the story of Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. Black Mamba a.k.a. The Bride a.k.a. Mommy (Uma Thurman) and her quest to destroy her mentor and former lover Bill (David Carradine) reached a pretty satisfying conclusion by the end of Volume 2. With Bill dispatched and Kiddo reunited with her daughter, long thought dead, there really isn't anywhere else this narrative needs to go.

Or is there?

O.G. Kill Bill star Vivica A. Fox, who played the assassin Vernita Green in the 2003 classic, recently opened up to NME about the plot details of a potential Kill Bill: Volume 3. Fox's character was dispatched early on in Kiddo's killing spree. As a former colleague of the Black Mamba and active participant in the wedding massacre that inspired the events of both films, Green's name sat comfortably right at the top of Kiddo's list. Although her death puts a damper on any direct continuation of Vernita Green's personal journey, her story did leave one open plot point that would make a heck of an intriguing narrative framework for Volume 3.

Zendaya would make a perfect little Green in Kill Bill: Vol. 3

Subsequent to one of Kill Bill: Volume 1's best knock-down drag-out fight sequences, Kiddo dispatches the former assassin Green, who looks to have been living a somewhat normal suburban life — right up until her past caught up with her. Kiddo sees that Green has reformed her ways to some extent, and even though the two enjoy a civil cup of tea together, it doesn't change the ultimate outcome. Kiddo came for revenge, and she will not be deterred. Green sends her daughter (Ambrosia Kelley) up to her room, and the two have it out like proper trained killers.

After Green's death, her daughter slinks back down from her room and stares at Kiddo over her mother's dead body. Instead of settling accounts then and there, Kiddo tells the little girl that she has every right to train up and try to seek revenge at some point later in life. She then leaves the little girl, now orphaned, like some ticking time bomb of vengeance.

That new mission for revenge against Kiddo is apparently the starting point for the potential third film, according to Fox. "I haven't got any official word," she told NME. "I had a feeling that hopefully [Tarantino] was waiting on my daughter to grow up a little bit. But then I was doing an interview and they asked 'What young actress would you get to play your daughter?' and I was like 'No, Ambrosia [Kelley]!' but they meant an established actress."

So which established actress would she like to see step into Kelley's role?

"Zendaya! How hot would that be?" Fox said. "And that would probably greenlight the project. Because her and Uma are both very tall, and it would just be kick-butt, and I love her."

While one star's ruminations aren't likely to fast-track production, we have to admit: Fox makes a pretty compelling pitch. Let's hope Tarantino gets the gears in motion on this one, otherwise it may end up on the list of rumored Tarantino films that never happened.