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What Kenny Crossley From Storage Wars Is Doing Today

A&E's long-running reality series Storage Wars has seen a lot of big personalities in its twelve seasons. Whether it's the eccentric father and son duo of Darrell and Brandon Sheets, or controversial husband and wife team Rene and Casey Nezhoda, it's always the characters we tune in for. Whether you love them or loathe them, they ensure that there's rarely a dull moment on the show.

One cast member who falls squarely in the "love them" category is Kenny Crossley. Although he's only been a full-time cast member since season 10, Kenny has been featured on the show as an occasional collaborator of Barry Weiss since way back on season 2. Whether he's a guest star or a full-time buyer, though, Kenny's hysterical, off-the-cuff remarks and affable personality make him immensely watchable.

There hasn't been a new season of Storage Wars since season 12 aired back in 2018, and it seems like the show is likely not coming back any time soon. That has us wondering what some of our favorite former cast members are up to these days. Thankfully for us, Kenny has been up to quite a bit since he was last seen in a storage locker bidding war.

Kenny Crossley is making music for himself and others

Even though Kenny isn't filming Storage Wars, he's still got more than a few irons in the fire — including a budding music career. According to his profile on AirBit, Kenny has been producing music for over 12 years. That's quite the side hustle.

Kenny produces hip-hop beats under the name Dualpersonality. He also records under the name Kennydoit, one of his go-to catchphrases. His latest release under that name is an ode to his love of chicken nuggets, dipping sauces, and family-style buffets. Kenny also produces music for other artists, such as rapper Lil Daddy the Don. When he's not working on his own music, he's also quick to pump his friends' projects on his social media accounts.

If what you're after is a taste of Kenny's unfiltered thoughts and opinions on a smorgasbord of issues, he's got you covered there, as well. In addition to his music, Kenny also has his own weekly podcast.

You can hear Kenny's unfiltered thoughts on his podcast

Anybody who loved listening to Kenny wax poetic about his finds on Storage Wars should probably check out The kennydoit's Podcast. Kenny hosts with his good friend D, and the style of the show can best be described as "eavesdropping on two buddies hanging out." The pair's rapport is cool, calm, and frequently funny.

Each episode of the show has Kenny and D chatting about whatever's been on their minds recently. Sometimes it's a long conversation about what's going on in the world of American football; other times, they share their own experiences with the supernatural and have spirited discussions about the possible existence of ghosts. Politics and the news of the day also frequently comes up on the podcast, with both men sharing their opinions freely. You'll also hear the pair chatting about their shared love of their home town: New Orleans.

Kenny doesn't limit sharing his life to the podcast, either. If you've already listened to every broadcast on your app of choice, and you're still hankering for more unfiltered Kenny, he also has his own Youtube channel dedicated mostly to food.

Kenny Crossley shows off his love of food on his YouTube channel

While Kenny uses his podcast to share his thoughts on everything going on in his life, his YouTube page, Kenny Do It Adventures, has a little bit more editorial focus. One of the most common video themes is food. Kenny goes deep on all kinds of treats — whether it's an in-depth review of apple fritters, a love letter to Costco's famous $1.50 hotdogs, or a noble attempt on the life of the "Biggest A** Burrito in Anaheim." It's more Man vs. Food than Storage Wars, but Kenny contains multitudes.

Kenny's YouTube page might also be of interest to you if you've ever thought about driving for Uber. A lot of his food context is filmed while he's hustling on the side as a driver for the ride-sharing app, and he also tells some of his favorite adventures (and misadventures) that he's had while driving. Needless to say, some of his stories are hysterical.

You'll also find a humorous commercial for Kenny's other passion project on his YouTube channel. Die-hard fans of Storage Wars will remember that Kenny once sold his own homemade pralines at an auction. If you thought they looked good on the show, you can apparently buy them from Jackie's Famous Pralines.

Storage Wars may be off the air for an indeterminate amount of time, but Kenny Crossley is keeping busy.