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The Ending Of Desperados Explained

Contains spoilers for Desperados

Desperados, the new romantic comedy starring Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad, is streaming on Netflix right now. If you're looking for an elevator pitch, it's sort of The Hangover meets Girl's Trip: We meet our protagonist Wesley (Pedrad), a woman struggling to find her place in the world, who has trouble pinning down a job as a guidance counselor because she keeps being too honest in interviews and who's found that it's a lot harder to find love than she ever thought. Things take a turn into the hilarious and unexpected after a blind date, a chance encounter, two accidents, and a scathing email change Wesley's fate forever. 

At the start of Desperados, Wesley goes on a blind date with Sean (Lamorne Morris of New Girl fam), but is, as she is in almost every facet of her life, a little too honest and Sean taps out. As Wesley is leaving the date, she immediately steps in a hole in the sidewalk, trips, and cracks her head on the ground. The lucky part of getting concussed is that Wesley wakes up seeing the face of Jared (Robbie Amell), a very handsome, successful man.

Jared falls for Wesley, but only because she's too injured to talk much and isn't able to be her true self at the outset. Basically, Jared gets a false impression of who Wesley is, and Wesley decides to act like the woman Jared imagines her to be. Unfortunately, after the pair consummate their fling, Jared vanishes for a week. Wesley gets drunk, and with the help of her equally inebriated friends Brooke (Anna Camp) and Debbie (Jessica Chaffin), she writes a nasty email to Jared. The moment the email is sent, Wesley finally gets a call from Jared ... who has been in a coma in Mexico and just woke up.

A plan is hatched: Wesley, Brooke, and Debbie are all going to go to Mexico, find Jared's phone, and delete the email before he can find out what Wesley is really like. Naturally, along the way, the trio runs into Sean — who, as luck would have it, is also in Mexico. In the end, what began as a ploy to get Jared to fall even further in love with the fake Wesley turns into an unexpected journey of love for Wesley and the man who has seen her true colors from the beginning. 

How Wesley finds love in the end

That's right: Wesley and Sean wind up together in the end. If you've watched Desperados and you're why wondering, exactly, Wesley and Sean couple up, here's some of the nuance you might've missed.

The crux of the story revolves around the difference between who Wesley is when she's with Jared and who she really is. When Wesley explains to Sean what makes Jared right for her (he's a safe bet and he's attractive), Sean reveals that his ex-wife died two years prior. As Wesley tries to justify her case for deleting that mean email she sent to Jared, she says it's too soon in this romantic story for Jared to know how messed up she can be. Sean responds by saying, "You're always later in your story than you think."

The other thing Sean convinces Wesley to do is let Jared read the email. Sean helps Wesley see that Jared needs to know who she is if they're going to have a chance. Naturally, when Jared reads Wesley's email, he dumps her on the spot. The email is really mean and Jared was also previously in a long-term relationship with someone who became abusive after their break-up, making Wesley simply not the right person for him.

In the end, Wesley decides to take a risk and shows up at a restaurant where Sean is on a blind date. Sean admits that Wesley is someone he could be serious with, but he's not ready for something real. However, since this is a romantic comedy, Sean remembers his own advice about people always being later in their stories than they think, and follows his heart by sparking a romance with Wesley. Also, as a way to bookend the story, Wesley almost trips on a crack in the sidewalk again — but this time, she sees the crack and walks around it. Avoiding a crack in the sidewalk shows that Wesley has grown more self-aware.

So, that's how and why Wesley and Sean get together at the end of Desperados. If you missed some of the little visual cues along the way, you may now rest assured you have the whole story — and you didn't even need to get a concussion to do it.