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The Kamekona Detail That Bothers Hawaii Five-0 Fans

For ten seasons, viewers flocked to Hawaii Five-0 for the adrenaline-pumping (if ridiculous) action sequences, the nostalgia of seeing a classic show resurrected, and the satisfaction of watching police actually solve crimes. The beautiful Hawaiian backdrops didn't hurt, either. But they stayed — again, for ten full seasons — for the chemistry between the team and their extended crew of friends, informants, and suppliers of quality shrimp.

Not to kick off a Hawaii Five-0 popularity contest, but it's fair to say that the most beloved of said allies was Kamekona (Taylor Wily). The entrepreneur traded dealing drugs in his youth for helping the team catch their bad guys, while supplying tourists and Hawaiians alike with shaved ice, shrimp, and helicopter tours (but, fortunately, not Spam burritos).

However, while the Hawaii Five-0 team is typically pretty good at solving mysteries, there are two questions concerning Kamekona that fans feel went neglected. With the show officially canceled, this is the detail that bothers Hawaii Five-0 fans to this day.

Did Kamekona get his helicopter back?

Kamekona's main contributions to the Five-0 team usually involved information, food, and comic relief, but in season 3 he came through with something much bigger.

In that season's 13th episode, the team launches a rescue mission to save Detective Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim) from a kidnapping and prison riot at Halawa Correctional Facility. The warden of the prison won't let any helicopters in, so using one from HPD's fleet is out of the question. Instead, the team borrows Kamekona's helicopter — which he has "62 more payments on" — to get to the remote location.

The helicopter survived that adventure (and so did Kelly — but not for long, thanks to Daniel Dae Kim's exit from the show). But in the next episode, the helicopter gets caught up in a heavy firefight when Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Detective Sergeant Danny Williams (Scott Caan) fly it on another rescue mission and end up in a shootout with McGarrett's archnemesis Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos).

This led Reddit user mrootbeers to wonder whether Kamekona ever got his helicopter back, or was given a replacement. The show doesn't directly address this, but given that later in the season we see him not only earn his helicopter license but give several members of Five-0 a tour, it seems like his generosity worked out for him one way or the other.

Who was Kamekona's secret Valentine?

Kamekona has a big family — both found and related by blood — but he never had a serious love interest during the show's run. However, that doesn't mean romance wasn't going on off-screen.

In season 6, Kamekona reveals to Jerry (Jorge Garcia) that every Valentine's Day, he receives the same box of chocolates from a secret admirer. Kamekona turns the chocolates into a much more fun version of Russian roulette: whoever picks the one with the fruit center gets "the bullet." (That year it was Jerry, of course. But receiving disappointing chocolate is not the real reason Jorge Garcia left Hawaii Five-0.)

Jerry offers to use his technical wizardry to find out who Kamekona's admirer is, but he declines. And apparently, the show had no interest in solving this mini mystery for fans, either. Reddit user mrootbeers (yes, them again) wondered aloud to the internet who it was, but now that the show's over, we still don't know. Kamekona maintains that "the key to romance is mystery." When it comes to crime, Hawaii Five-0 had everything wrapped up... but love is a much more complicated matter.