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Why Roarke From Yellowstone Looks So Familiar

The third season of Paramount Network's ratings smash Yellowstone premiered in June and introduced a bevy of new problems for the embattled Dutton family. One of those problems is a weaponized finance bro named Roarke Carter. Just two episodes after his entrance, we've already learned that the company Roarke works for has been busy buying up land around Yellowstone with the intention of turning it into a cushy small town catering to wealthy second home owners a la Park City, Utah.

How Roarke will ultimately play into the plot remains to be seen, but considering how the Duttons have reacted in the past when outsiders encroach on their land, we're expecting him to be at the center of conflict. His flirtations with Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) also seem destined to lead to some complex family and political dynamics.

Roarke is played by Josh Holloway, and before you ask, yes, you've definitely seen him on screen before. The actor was a part of one of the biggest TV shows of the century, and has plenty of other recognizable credits to his name. Here are some of Holloway's most memorable roles.

Josh Holloway got Lost

Even if you never actually watched the show, there's a very good chance you've seen Holloway in character as Sawyer on the seminal sci-fi mystery series Lost. Sawyer is among the original group of castaways we meet who are stranded on a mysterious island with supernatural properties after surviving the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.

Sawyer is a cocky con man who ended up on the ill-fated flight from Sydney to Los Angeles after traveling to Australia to get revenge on a man he suspected of scamming his parents when he was a child. During the early episodes, his arrogant attitude turns off his fellow survivors. However, as the show progresses, so does Sawyer, who gains humility and humanity throughout his experiences.

Lost was Holloway's first co-starring role on a TV series after years of one-off guest spots. He told FanBolt that his character's unlikable personality at the beginning of the show had him nervous that his big break wouldn't last long. "I expected to be killed in the first season, so I didn't even throw my boxes away," he said of moving to Hawaii for filming. He went on to describe his quest to prolong his stay by further developing the character: "So I fought hard to find his humanity. But yet to keep his edge... it's been a fine line."

Thankfully for Holloway and fans of the character, his fight for Sawyer's humanity paid off, and he remained an integral part of all six seasons of the show.

Josh Holloway rumbled with Hollywood action icons

Following his stint on Lost, Holloway got the opportunity to star in a couple of high-octane action flicks with genuine Hollywood royalty.

In 2011, Holloway had a small but integral role in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. As IMF agent Trevor Hanaway, Holloway opens the fourth installment of the series by intercepting a suitcase filled with Russian nuke codes in a Budapest train station. After he's spotted by other nefarious parties interested in the codes, Hanaway is murdered by an assassin before he can complete his mission.

Despite his small amount of screentime, the actor told ScreenSlam that being in the film was a "fantasy." He went on to elaborate that one of the draws of joining the Mission: Impossible franchise was the chance to co-star with Tom Cruise, saying, "It's a dream come true, truly."

Three years later, Holloway had the opportunity to appear alongside another action movie icon. In Sabotage, Holloway plays Neck, a member of an intense squad of DEA agents who are being killed one by one after they steal $10 million during a drug bust. The head of the squad is a no-nonsense career agent named Breacher, who is played by the Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Holloway's role in Sabotage was small. However, he soon got the opportunity to headline a TV series of his own.

Josh Holloway headlined Colony

In 2016, Holloway starred on the USA Network sci-fi drama Colony. The series takes place several months after the arrival of an alien force known as the Hosts. In order to keep humans compliant, the Hosts impose a militaristic occupation on parts of America. Holloway plays Will Bowman, a former Army Ranger and FBI agent turned mechanic who finds himself facing a harrowing choice after he's caught trying to sneak out of Los Angeles. To avoid punishment, Will agrees to join the secret police force collaborating with the Hosts, whose mission is to weed out members of the resistance against the occupation.

Matters are complicated significantly for Will when he discovers that his wife, Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), is herself a resistance operative. Holloway described how his own marriage helped him gain insight into the complicated relationship at the center of Colony during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: "I've been with my wife for 17 years, and we understand that you can both have the same goal, but go about it completely different — which is what Will and Katie are doing. That's marriage!"

Colony ran for three seasons and received mostly positive reviews from critics. We're not yet sure what the rest of Yellowstone has in store for Roarke, but either way, we're glad to see Josh Holloway on screen in another meaty role.