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Deadpool 2: Kyle Chandler Could Be Cable

If you hung around the theater long enough for Deadpool's post-credits scene, you know that Ryan Reynolds will probably be battling new-school Marvel villain Cable in the upcoming sequel. And although Deadpool suggested Mel Gibson for the role, another name has reportedly risen to the top of the producers' list: Kyle Chandler.

ComicBook.com reports that Mashable's Jeff Sneider talked up the Friday Night Lights star to Meet the Movie Press: "There's been a name floating around for Cable for months. Hasn't changed. Don't know if it's changed. Didn't make any calls about this. This was just the name that has been out there for months. So take this with a gigantic grain of salt. The biggest grain of salt your tiny little brain can imagine. The name that is floating around for Cable right now is Kyle Chandler."

For those who don't know Cable, he and Deadpool have had quite the history in the comics. Cable is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey, born as a result of Mr. Sinister's experiments to find a mutant powerful enough to defeat Apocalypse. Deadpool first appeared in 1991 on the pages of Marvel's New Mutants as an assassin tasked with killing him. Instead, it was the start of their own comic book series that ran for 50 issues.

But it's still early and plenty other actors have thrown their name into the ring as possible contenders. Avatar's Stephen Lang was the first, followed by Hellboy's Ron Perlman and the timeless Dolph Lundgren. No word from Mr. Gibson just yet.

Meanwhile, check out our list of who we think should play Cable.