Who Should Play Cable In Deadpool 2

Unless you've managed to avoid the biggest Deadpool spoiler of all time, you know that the film's sequel will also star Cable, a time-travelling X-Man who is often Deadpool's comic book pal and dour companion. The two make an awesome team because they simply couldn't be more different, so the film's producers should keep that basic fact in mind when casting the role of Nathan Summers. Nerds are already speculating on who could possibly keep up with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool, but here are a few names that have been floating around for Wade Wilson's buddy, Cable.

Stephen Lang

Let's not even try to make sense of Cable's origins and backstory here, because that's a knot that just won't untangle. Instead, let's focus on Cable's appearance; he needs to be a buff guy in his 50s if he's going to be anything like his comic counterpart. Stephen Lang has matched Ryan Reynold's enthusiasm for the Deadpool universe and expressed a ton of interest in taking on the role of Cable. Lang, who is no stranger to action-oriented sci-fi, has already taken to Twitter to put himself up for the role, posting pics of himself working out in preparation. He's a fan favorite, and if fate is kind, he's going to be the guy who scores the part.

Ron Perlman

Without a doubt, Ron Perlman is great in everything, from weirdo roles like Hellboy to the more realistic Sons of Anarchy. Perlman is involved in his own campaign to get Hellboy 3 started, so you know that he's up for another sci-fi action role in the meantime. He's familiar with intense makeup processes, so wearing a robot arm for hours at a time isn't an issue, and he'd lend the perfect gravitas, sarcastic or not, to the role. Perlman has the look, the presence, and the bulk to pull off a perfect Cable, so he's an easy choice to play Deadpool's foil.

The Rock

If we're going by sheer body bulkiness alone, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the leading choice for Cable, and he's also proven that he's got a pretty solid sense of humor. Rumors about Deadpool 2 have hinted that the studio might try to skew Cable a bit younger than his comic counterpart, but Deadpool has set a standard for comic accuracy that really can't be broken now without derailing the entire property. The Rock would fall into that safe space between "known, youngish actor" and "totally old dude" that would make everyone happy. Just imagine the possibilities for jokes that break the fourth wall when it comes to The Rock.

Sylvester Stallone

If you're going for some level of meta-comedy, which would suit Deadpool perfectly, an aging (but still perfectly able) Sylvester Stallone would be an awesome addition as Cyclops' badass son-from-the-future. Stallone is an action hero that needs no introduction, and Cable would definitely be a step up from providing a voice in a cartoon film about a box of magical animal crackers. Really, Sly? Seeing Deadpool team up with Rambo would be the perfect level of nerdery to make geeks' minds explode.

Steven Seagal

Cable's story is so complicated that it might be best to play him off as a cliche action star that Deadpool can bounce off of than to actually explain that he's related to an alternate-universe Cyclops—and there's no action star more cliche than Steven Seagal. There's no doubt that Deadpool 2 could handle the living irony that is Seagal. Just imagine Seagal hamming up a "so bad it's good role" and you'll get a warm feeling inside.

Nicolas Cage

Wildcard time! We saw how great Colossus looked in Deadpool, so there's nothing holding back a scrawnier actor from playing Cable. Poor ol' Nic Cage loves the heck out of comics, but famously missed out on his chance to play Superman, instead appearing in the abysmal Ghost Rider films. Just like Ryan Reynolds, Cage deserves another chance to play a hero in a good movie, and just picture how weird the whole thing would be with a little Cage up in there.

Keira Knightley

Deadpool's post-credits scene tossed out three potential Cable names: Mel Gibson, Dolph Lundgren, and Keira Knightley. Mel Gibson is an automatic no because he's too crazy, but Keira Knightley isn't a terrible idea—despite no one getting Wilson's "flat top" joke. Deadpool canon includes a Lady Deadpool (and a floating zombie head called Headpool) and many alternate universe versions of Cable, so it wouldn't even stray that far from what's expected of Wade's world. Bring her on!

Dolph Lundgren

Out of respect to Deadpool's wishes, Ivan Drago should definitely be included on this list. He's got the face, the age, and the stature—and he killed Apollo Creed. Deadpool himself would lose his mind to fight alongside, or even against, the guy who played Ivan Drago, He-Man, and the first Punisher. Just imagine the jokes! Best of all, Lundgren doesn't take himself too seriously, often appearing as himself in comedic and ironic roles. We have a winner.