Hot Rod To Debut In Transformers 5

Hot Rod played a pivotal role when Transformers first rolled onto the big screen with Transformers: The Movie (1986), but the fan favorite has yet to appear in Michael Bay's rebooted franchise. That's about to change with the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight.

Voiced in the original movie by Judd Nelson, Hot Rod was among one of the few Autobots to survive a Decepticon assault on Earth. When Optimus Prime falls, it's Hot Rod who picks up the Matrix of Leadership and is reborn as Rodimus Prime.

Bay recently tweeted official images of the updated Hot Rod for Transformers 5:

When we last left the Transformers with Age of Extinction (2014), Optimus Prime was left floating through space, which means the Autobots might need a new leader. Is Hot Rod poised to take the gig again? We'll find out when Transformers: The Last Knight premieres June 23, 2017.