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Game Of Thrones: Support Your Candidate For The Iron Throne

Is it too late for write-ins on the presidential ballot?

With the election looming, the folks at HBO have launched a ballot where you can vote for which Game of Thrones character you think should sit on the Iron Throne. Although it likely won't affect the outcome of the battle of Trump vs. Clinton, it's definitely a lot more fun.

The four candidates are Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Petyr Baelish and they all have running mates. More than 19 million votes have already been cast, and Snow is pulling away with 50% of the votes. Targaryen is a strong second at 33% and Baelish (aka "Littlefinger") is in the mix with 14%. But poor Queen Cersei appears doomed with a measly 3% support.

Check out each candidate's platform and their running mates here.

There are only two seasons left of the hit HBO series, and we already know we'll have to wait longer than usual for the upcoming season 7. And by then, there will be a new leader in the White House. But maybe there's room in the Cabinet for a few dragons?