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The Real Reason Chelsea Peretti Left Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Throughout its seven seasons so far — its most recent just recently wrapped up in April of 2020, but season eight is on its way — Michael Schur's delightful workplace comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine has introduced audiences to an incredibly fun cast of characters unlike anything else on television. The show stars Saturday Night Live alum and Lonely Island star Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, a goofy yet extraordinarily talented detective in the fictional 99th precinct of the NYPD, but he's surrounded by a diverse cast, each of whom brings something different to the table.

Between the deadpan yet fatherly Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), who has made serious strides as one of television's least stereotypical LGBTQ+ characters, to Jake's strong-willed and smart wife Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero); from the gruff yet loving Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz) to Jake's odd foodie best friend Charles (Joe Lo Truglio), there's somebody for everybody to love in the Nine-Nine, but don't forget about one of the show's most beloved characters: Gina Linetti.

Played by comedian Chelsea Peretti, Gina Linetti is pure id, constantly drawing attention to her extremely high self-esteem and super-specific worldview, all while making audiences laugh with her bold antics and distinctive attitude. Despite Gina's overwhelming popularity, however, Peretti made the seemingly unexpected decision to leave the show in its sixth season. If you're wondering why Peretti and Schur ended Gina's journey within the show early, as well as the manner in which they sent her off and what Peretti is up to now, read ahead for the real reason Chelsea Peretti left Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The story behind Gina's dramatic exit

Once it was announced that Peretti would be leaving Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Gina and the show delivered one last time. In the season 6 episode "Four Movements," Gina employs her dance skills and sense of drama to say an individual goodbye to each member of the precinct, producing an episode that's just as hilarious as it is moving.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Peretti opened up about the process behind her farewell episode and why it was the right time to leave, indicating that the decision was made jointly among herself, executive producer Dan Goor, and Schur. "Well, it wasn't just a solo process. I wasn't just like, 'I'm leaving!' and I swing my cape," she explained. "I can't get into the exact breakdown of how it all transpired, but it wasn't just my solo decision. I'm friends with Dan, I'm friends with Andy [Samberg], I've talked with them about the situation over the years. I think it came together this was the time to do it. It's not always easy to make changes in life, but I feel like everyone came to a point where everyone was like, 'OK, this is the time.' That's the gist of it."

After going on to say the choice "was somewhat mutual. And it was amicable. That's the best way I can put it," Peretti dished up details on the episode itself, saying that she had plenty of creative control when it came to Gina's grand goodbye: "I had a lot of input. Me and Dan spent a lot of time on the phone cackling about a variety of different ideas. Not all of them made it in. But we did have a lot of fun."

What Chelsea Peretti has been up to since Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Though Peretti clearly loved playing Gina — as she told THR, she was surprised and gratified to find that her character had helped women become more confident — it was time for her to move on and try something new, which is exactly what this versatile comedian did. Though she also told THR that her next moves included "running for President of the United States of America — or a senator," Peretti has, obviously, stuck to comedy.

Gina did briefly return as a full-fledged celebrity shortly after her official exit during the sixth season episode "The Return of the King," but ever since then, she's stayed out of Brooklyn and worked on other projects. Aside from becoming a mother — Peretti is married to Academy Award-winning filmmaker Jordan Peele, and the two have one child — Peretti has appeared in films like Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (alongside Samberg) and Game Night. She's also lent her voice to projects like Big Mouth, American Dad!, Harvey Girls Forever!, Adventure Time, Crank Yankers, and Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over the years, as well as a two-episode stint on The Simpsons in 2019.

Peretti showed off her pipes in a new comedy concept album

Recently, Peretti embarked on a new venture that would probably make Gina Linetti pretty proud. In April 2020, Peretti unexpectedly announced that she was starting a new career in music, announcing on her Instagram, "It's hard for me to fully conceptualize what I am about to do to the music industry. The jump from comedian to actor to musician is one I do not take lightly. I put a lot of contemplation and spirituality into it. The creative spirit must ultimately sing in whatever form. For me to instantaneously be hailed as one of the foremost musicians of the century isn't a label I asked for but is one that is probably heading my way. It doesn't matter. I reject labels. This is why I made a concept album entirely about coffee except for a couple songs. I do what I want. I am a free mind."

The ensuing EP, Foam & Flotsam, which she dropped shortly thereafter, is a concept mini-album about coffee shops. It features her Brooklyn co-star Terry Crews and Reggie Watts, among others, and songs with titles like "LATE," "SOUNDPROOF," and "OATMILK." Peretti even recorded high-concept music videos to go along with several songs, and her approach to this super-silly material — which is that she's taking it incredibly seriously — is the icing on the (coffee) cake.

Gina may not work at the Nine-Nine anymore, but if you want to relive her glory days, the entirety of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is streaming on Hulu.