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Rick And Morty's Extremely Funny Super Bowl Commercial

Leave it to Rick and Morty to hawk products in the most hilarious manner possible.

Characters from the wildly popular Adult Swim animated series appear in a spot which will air during the Super Bowl, advertising Pringles by way of of a typically bizarre, nightmarish scenario.

In the commercial, Summer and Rick sit on the couch watching a Pringles commercial in which a narrator (who sounds suspiciously like Rick) implores viewers to "stack Pringles flavors, make new ones" in a curiously flat and unaffected tone. Summer wonders aloud how much Pringles paid the commercial's creators ("Hardly anything," Rick deadpans) before Morty wanders in with a double armload of Pringles cans. 

"Hey, you guys wanna stack Pringles flavors to create new flavor combos?" Morty asks with an unreasonable degree of excitement. "Here, I'll go first! Pizza, barbecue and jalapeño!" (He pronounces that last with a hard J.) "The spicy barbecue pizza stack!" he enthuses, right before Rick promptly tackles him to the floor.

It's then revealed that Morty is some kind of killer Pringle-bot, and when Summer inquires as to what the hell is happening, Rick shoots back, "Pringles! We're trapped in a Pringles commercial! They must've taken us in our sleep!" He rips off a swath of wallpaper to reveal a giant Pringles logo, then informs Summer that there's no escape, saying, "They told me this would happen, and I didn't listen!"

The pair are then swarmed by a whole platoon of Morty-Pringle-bots, all babbling about stacking Pringles flavors to make new ones; the spot ends with Rick and Summer being mobbed, while one Morty-bot glowers menacingly at the camera while munching on a Pringles stack. (We wonder what flavor combo it is!)

The Rick and Morty Super Bowl ad is par for the course for the series

The new spot isn't the first (or even the second) time that Rick and Morty has used its multiverse-hopping aesthetic to sell stuff. In a pair of 2017 ads, Rick burst into Morty's room in the middle of the night to extol the virtues of Carl's Jr. hamburgers and Old Spice Invisible Spray; in each case, he was followed by sentient and obnoxious examples of each product, to Morty's extreme annoyance. (Hilariously, in the Old Spice spot, Rick's heart just didn't seem to be in it, as he listlessly read prepared remarks about the product and wrapped up by counting a giant wad of cash.)

Another, slightly less meta commercial from late last year saw the pair wandering through the hellscape of the popular video game Death Stranding. Morty complains about the baby in a tube that he's been lugging around for what has apparently been a really long time, causing Rick to speculate that it must be "some kind of crazy upgrade." After a quick debate, the pair decide that eating the baby in hopes that it will make them "run faster or jump higher" is the prudent course of action; thankfully, this is where the spot ends.

For that matter, who could forget the prominent mention of Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles in the season 2 episode "Total Rickall," or the absolutely infamous reference to McDonald's Szechuan sauce in the season 3 opener "The Rickshank Redemption," which prompted the chain to resurrect the delicious dip (with unintended consequences) after nearly two decades? It certainly seems as if advertising is just a part of Rick and Morty's DNA; heck, we still have no idea what Turbulent Juice is, but damned if we don't want some.