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The Infinity Saga Box Set - What We Know So Far

Are you ready to relive 11 years of Marvel movie magic?

Marvel Studios is gearing up to release the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition – otherwise known as the Infinity Saga box set — a collection of the 23 movies that make up the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The box set promises a spine-tingling look back at the MCU thus far — from 2008's Iron Man to 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home — as fans revisit the sour losses and soaring successes their favorite comic book characters have faced over the last decade (and then some). 

That's well and good, for sure, but what about the nitty-gritty details related to the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition? We're here to address it all — how much the box set costs, what kind of special features and bonus material is included on it, and when it will be available for purchase online and in stores.

The trailer for the Infinity Saga box set

When the trailer for the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition made its way to the internet, two things happened: Marvel fans lost their collective cool, and every superhero-loving person on Earth began wondering what exactly the box set would include, when it would be available for purchase, and how much it would cost. The clip that announced the existence (and impending arrival) of the Infinity Saga box set didn't explicitly answer any of those questions, but it did tease that the 23-movie collection wouldn't be something to miss out on if you're a diehard fan of the MCU.

As all Marvel trailers are, the one for the Infinity Saga box set was powerful and moving in the way that everything that comes from the House of Heroes so characteristically is. Of course, the trailer represents just a tiny taste of the full Infinity Saga adventure, with the actual box set promising to take viewers on an incredible journey of superhero trials and triumphs. 

How much does the Infinity Saga box set cost?

Spider-Man said that with great power comes great responsibility. Marvel Studios has apparently taken a similar approach to say that with a collection that bundles 23 movies spanning the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point comes the need for easily expendable cash. Nabbing the Infinity Saga box set will cost fans a pretty penny — and then some — as the collection costs $549.99 USD.  

The box set includes all 23 movies on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, which normally retail for about $24.99 USD to $34.99 USD at Best Buy, where fans can pre-order and purchase the Infinity Saga collection. If one were to buy each of the 23 films included on the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition individually, it would cost them between $574.77 USD and $804.77 USD. So, while the price tag for the Infinity Saga box set might make your eyes bulge out of your skull and your wallet tighten, you'd actually be saving money buying the collection as a single item rather than trying to purchase the movies one by one. 

Additionally, those who are wary of dropping several hundred smackeroos in one go and who have an active My Best Buy Credit Card can finance the box set and pay it off over the course of 12 months. Best Buy is offering one-year financing at a suggested rate of $45.84 per month, with no interest charged to your account if the full $549.99 USD is paid off before the 12-month period is over.

What are the special features on the Infinity Saga box set?

The cost of the Infinity Saga box set will certainly be worth all the incredible special features fans will be able to feast their eyes and ears upon. Those who purchase the collection will receive an exclusive lithograph autographed by Marvel Studios artist Matt Ferguson, who designed gorgeous artwork for the box set; 23 "individually packed" 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray discs and art cases for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies up until Spider-Man: Far From Home; a letter from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige; and a signed, numbered sheet indicating that you're in possession of a limited-edition collection. 

There's also a 24th disc included in the box set, one that isn't available on digital and features "never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes, and more." While all 23 MCU movies have deleted scenes, gag reels, interviews, and additional special features included on their individual digital and Blu-ray releases, it seems there's more footage fans haven't yet seen that will be included in the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition.

It stands to reason that the closer we get to the Infinity Saga box set's release date, the more information about the special features will be announced, so keep your eyes glued to Looper for updates. 

When is the Infinity Saga box set's release date?

Fear not, Marvel fans — the Infinity Saga box set will be here before you know it. The collection will hit store shelves on Friday, November 15. Fans who either don't want to brave the crowds on November 15 to secure a box set for themselves can pre-order the Infinity Saga collection ahead of time through Best Buy's website. Pre-orders are available now, with free shipping included and a guaranteed delivery date of Friday, November 15 — the same day it releases in stores.

This will make a wonderful holiday-season gift for the Marvel-lover in your life, so consider snagging the Infinity Saga Collector's Edition while supplies last.