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The Mandalorian Poster Unveiled

Ready to meet the Mandalorian?

As the magic of the Walt Disney Company's annual event D23 began swirling through the air, Lucasfilm and show creator Jon Favreau unveiled the first poster for the upcoming live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian

The one-sheet, also uploaded to the official Twitter account for The Mandalorian, shows the titular gunslinger (played by Pedro Pascal) walking across a flat landscape as the sun sets in the distance. He appears to be strolling away from a ship, parked yards behind him, and heading toward an important location. Being a Mandalorian, a group of legendary warriors who inhabited the planet Mandalore, the series' protagonist has his face covered by heavy armor that keeps him battle-ready at all times. We can't see the expression he wears — though by his body language, it's easy to tell that he's on a mission and will stop at nothing to complete it. 

This poster for The Mandalorian doesn't reveal much about the new series (other than the information we already know: it's about a Mandalorian, duh!) though it does tease the overall aesthetic and focus of the show. Warm-toned, moody, and character-driven — not too concerned with introducing a bunch of rowdy characters or dangerous ruffians at the outset. The show is centered on the Mandalorian and his world, and that's what this poster reflects. 

Of course, the actual footage of the series will give fans a far better idea of what The Mandalorian will feel like. And lucky for them, there's a good chance Lucasfilm is going to drop the first trailer for The Mandalorian during the Disney+ presentation at D23 on Friday, August 23. Rest assured that the minute the footage goes live (if it does), Looper will deliver it to you first. 

The Mandalorian is slated to premiere on the Disney+ streaming service at launch on November 12.