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Is Cartoon Network Really Dead? Here's What Happened

Cartoon Network fans are concerned about the animation studio shutting down, but they shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. The news comes after a viral post originating from the Animation Workers Ignited X (formerly known as Twitter) account declared that it's dead, sending social media into a tailspin. However, there is no actual evidence to suggest that the studio is officially shutting down, but the post's accompanying video explores some issues that might make people worry about its future.

While Cartoon Network appears to be safe — at least for now — the video rightfully highlights some of the problems the animation industry is currently facing, such as job losses and projects being canceled. To put things in perspective, Pixar has already eliminated 14% of its workplace in 2024, as Disney sets out to decrease spending. Elsewhere, almost half of the 8,000 employees working in Quebec's animation and VFX industries got laid off between 2022 and 2023.  

The Animation Workers Ignited video encourages viewers to talk about their favorite Cartoon Network shows in an effort to raise awareness about the wider issues. That said, taken at face value, the tweet is a tad misleading. Still, Cartoon Network's parent company is known for canceling things that people enjoy, so the scepticism is understandable.

Warner Bros. Discovery has a history of cutting costs

Cartoon Network is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, a company that's been at the center of controversy these past couple of years due to its willingness to cancel completed projects for tax write-offs. Some notable examples include John Cena's shelved "Coyote vs. Acme" movie, the scrapped $90 million "Batgirl" film, and "Scoob! Holiday Haunt," all of which are currently collecting dust. As such, the media conglomerate doesn't exactly have a glowing reputation among fans.

It remains to be seen if Cartoon Network will survive in the long run, but the studio has experienced significant changes since Warner Bros. merged with Discovery. As documented by Cartoon Brew, the beloved animation house was paired with Warner Bros. Animation in 2022, leading to mass layoffs and more consolidation within the parent company's television departments. While the merger didn't mark the death knell for Cartoon Network, its aftermath reflects some of the issues mentioned in Animation Workers Ignited's video. For now, though, Cartoon Network is alive and kicking.

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