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The Boys Scene That Almost Gave One Star A Panic Attack

Even going into "The Boys" knowing there are some truly disturbing scenes across its run, there are still moments that take hardcore fans, and the actors themselves, by surprise. When it comes to certain raunchy scenes, especially the ones featuring The Deep (Chace Crawford) and his favorite octopus, even Amazon Prime had to ask the show to tone some things down. But those moments didn't just make executives sweat. Crawford himself nearly had a panic attack over the prospect of shooting such a thing. It's not exactly the kind of scene they prepare you for in acting classes.

The big octopus scene comes during, where else, Season 3's "Herogasm" episode when The Deep gets intimate with the mollusk. Crawford revealed to Rolling Stone, "I was in total denial about it. And then it got 24 hours out from the first day I had to shoot it and I almost had a panic attack." It sounds like something he wasn't expecting to happen when initially signing on for the role, but luckily, he was able to relay his concerns to showrunner Eric Kripke.

"I was worried about the scene," Crawford continued. "I'm like, 'How are we gonna do this? What are the angles gonna be? How naked do I have to be?' [Kripke] changed one shot for me. And it was great." Between the octopus romance and having a woman assault his character's gills earlier in the show's run, Crawford has been at the center of several "Boys" scenes that were seriously gross to film.

There was no intimacy coordinator for Chace Crawford's octopus scene

Intimacy coordinators are a great asset on any film or television set, as they ensure the performers are comfortable and safe when doing sex scenes or getting naked in front of others. Casey Hudecki works as the intimacy coordinator on "The Boys," and while that's one gig that sounds like it would entail a lot, the position apparently wasn't needed the day of The Deep's octopus encounter. Chace Crawford revealed they had a closed set, meaning they filmed with a minimal number of people and no intimacy coordinator. However, there was still one thing, in particular, he recalled: "Just the act of picking up the octopus and getting a wet octopus in the bed was so funny and weird."

Filming the scene is only half the battle, as the "Gossip Girl" actor revealed he had to wait a year to find out what people thought of the big moment. To his relief, it's become a fan-favorite scene for The Deep and has even inspired a ton of cosplay. Crawford related one incident of a fan showing him their Comic-Con cosplay dressed as him with an octopus around the crotch. It's unclear if it's the same person, but "The Boys" official account on X (formerly known as Twitter) hilariously reposted someone's Deep cosplay, with the caption, "I... I'm just gonna put this [on] your timeline."

Pretty much every cast member on "The Boys" has had to do something gross sooner or later. At least now, no one can question Crawford's commitment to the craft.