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Why Star Trek's Patrick Stewart Thinks Gene Roddenberry Hated Him As Picard

Throughout the beloved yet occasionally questionable "Star Trek" franchise, numerous actors have become synonymous with their on-screen characters. Alongside such stars as William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock is Sir Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Beginning his tenure with the part on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," Stewart has portrayed Picard in multiple films and television shows throughout the years. Thus, he has delivered numerous all-time great moments as Picard and become a franchise icon in the process. Unfortunately, the seasoned actor doesn't feel that the mastermind behind "Star Trek," Gene Roddenberry, quite approved of him in the role (even though he didn't care about another major "The Next Generation" character at all).

According to Stewart during a virtual actor roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Roddenberry made it clear to him from the start that he wasn't his top choice. "My meeting lasted about six minutes, and then it was perfectly clear I was not wanted in that room any time longer. It was Gene who said, 'What the hell? I don't want a bald, middle-aged Englishman,'" Stewart said of Roddenberry's feelings on him from their first meeting in his living room. He further explained that the "Star Trek" creator's sourness on him persisted as "The Next Generation" came together, with dirty looks across the set becoming the norm. Stewart joked, "Somewhere in the cellar of Paramount Pictures, there's a Post-it note which says, 'I do not want to hear Patrick Stewart's name mentioned again ever!' signed Gene Roddenberry."

As much as he laughs about Roddenberry's animosity toward him, Stewart has also expressed deep regret over how their relationship unfolded.

Stewart wishes Roddenberry could've seen Picard grow over the years

Gene Roddenberry passed away on October 24, 1991 at the age of 70 which, naturally, didn't go unnoticed by the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast. He was a frequent presence on the show's set, and without him, it just wasn't the same. Patrick Stewart shared as much in his book "Making It So: A Memoir," recalling missing Roddenberry despite their friction. "I found myself missing his presence. For all his wariness of me, he had created the magnificent 'Star Trek' universe of which I was now privileged to be a part, and his guiding hand offered me reassurance," he wrote.

Continuing, Stewart revealed that he felt a bit sorry for Roddenberry and how everything had gone down regarding the Captain Picard role. "I felt sorry for Gene where I was concerned. Jean-Luc Picard was his creation, and he had been pressured to cast someone who didn't jibe with his vision of the character." At the same time, Stewart wished that Roddenberry could've lived to see his take on Picard become such a hit and fully develop, even if it wasn't his exact vision come to life: "I do wish that Gene had lived long enough to see how 'Star Trek' and Picard himself have continued to deepen and grow."

While they may not have always seen eye-to-eye, there's no denying that both Stewart and Roddenberry are absolute "Star Trek" legends.