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AI Creates A 1950s The Fifth Element Movie Trailer & It's Freaky

Nearly three decades have passed since visionary French filmmaker Luc Besson debuted "The Fifth Element" to both critical and commercial acclaim. Today, "The Fifth Element" is the ultimate sci-fi cult classic, influencing a generation of artists and creatives — including those in the fan concept realm. With the use of artificial intelligence, YouTube user Abandoned Films has imagined what the film would look like if it had a throwback vibe to it. 

In a concept trailer, the user has skillfully recreated the world of "The Fifth Element" by transporting it back to the '50s, giving it a retro-futuristic overhaul. The video, which clocks in at just over a minute long, features the exact same plot from the original pic. The real creativity lies in the concept's visual language, completely changing how the "futuristic" Earth looks. Retro-futurism dominated the '50s, so it makes sense that the video would tweak people's expectations of the future. Notably, the flying cars take cues from designs that dominated at the time, as do the buildings and spacecrafts. 

It's an overwhelming take on the iconic project, and one that's entirely recast. In the concept, Milla Jovovich's Leeloo is replaced with '50s screen icon Audrey Hepburn, who would no doubt succeed in the role thanks to her charm and versatility. Released in early May 2024, the fan-made video quickly achieved nearly 950,000 views within two months of its release, making it a viral success. Some fans are hoping that the '50s take on "The Fifth Element" actually manifests, but that probably won't happen. 

There's no '50s-set Fifth Element in the works

The comments section for the YouTube video are riddled with positive takes, with many pointing out just how unique its style is. "These are the coolest videos out right now, makes me want to actually watch a stylized version of the original actually more so. The creature and space craft are really cool," shared @shannonmonroe5873. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that a studio would gamble on '50s-set "The Fifth Element." 

While the Bruce Willis-led hit is a sci-fi cult classic, it's still one of the more low-key productions in the genre, especially when compares to hits like "Star Wars" and "Star Trek," which have received over half a dozen sequels. User @ragtowne thinks the video is great enough to stand on its own, saying, "I would accept this [concept] as the original movie and the later one as a remake — both would be fabulous." If fans don't have a remake to look forward, can they ever expect a "Fifth Element" sequel? Unfortunately, director Luc Besson doesn't seem particularly interested in returning to his lush sci-fi world — though he could always change his mind and cook up a legacy sequel. 

Despite no remake in production, it's still great that a concept that allows us to reimagine the sci-fi juggernaut from a different point of view. Love the concept and need more "Fifth Element" in your life? Find out about the details you only notice when you watch the film a second time!