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Forget Seinfeld: Jason Alexander's Criminal Minds Role Made Twitter Explode

If you're just a casual sitcom watcher, then you probably only know Jason Alexander from his near-decade long stint as George Costanza on "Seinfeld." For his efforts as the bumbling but charming George, the actor received seven Emmy nominations. As great as he was on the blockbuster NBC sitcom, there's a lot more to Alexander's CV than playing Jerry Seinfeld's best friend. Fans on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, have discovered his guest appearance as the serial killer Henry Grace on "Criminal Minds," and they're all stunned. Twitter users are particularly obsessed with the character's get-up and long hair. 

Alexander appears as Grace on "Criminal Minds" Season 4, Episode 8 — "Masterpiece." On the episode, Grace is positioned as a narcissist obsessed with the Fibonacci sequence. Oh, and he also has a bone to pick with Agent David Rossi (Joe Mantegna). For fans who only know the actor from "Seinfeld," his physical turn as a serial killer is particularly jarring. "We have to consider that this could be Jason Alexander's real hair and he was just trolling us by being bald for so long," joked Twitter user @SirajAHashmi. "I'm not convinced that this isn't from a 'Seinfeld' episode," shared @DKhlynin

Fans, like @cwdarney, are laughing at how viewers continue to periodically discover the actor's "Criminal Minds" appearance. Others are pointing out how this isn't the first time Alexander switched up his signature bald look. The actor looked drastically different as an alien on "Star Trek: Voyager," in what he considered to be a dream cameo

Jason Alexander's Criminal Minds look is making fans lose their minds

A lot of fans on Twitter are pointing out that Jason Alexander's "Criminal Minds" look could easily be a bit on "Seinfeld." Some are even saying that the devious serial killer could probably pass as a certain import-exporter. "I think this is what Art Vandelay would look like in reality," shared @Bidal4Life. In case you don't know, the "Art Vandelay" running gag was introduced on "Seinfeld" Season 1. While there are several "Seinfeld" jokes about Alexander's look, many are drawing comparisons to other properties. 

"He looks like John Hammond from 'Jurassic Park' before the grandkids," wrote @Bobtastiik, pointing out how versatile this "Criminal Minds" look is. "If Costanza was to play Hannibal Lector in a Disney live-action adaptation of 'The Incredibles,'" joked @HansDeLeenheer. Honestly, Alexander looks terrifying and could definitely make a great villain if he kept up this look. "Please cast him as a Targaryen, I'm serious ... maybe ..." shared @lupalionessa, making us realize that the "Seinfeld" actor would be devilishly delightful on HBO's "House of the Dragon." 

Others are saying that Alexander should be recognized for more than just "Seinfeld," which made him a superstar. "I feel bad for Jason Alexander sometimes. [C]lassically trained artist with great pride for the craft of acting. [H]e was just too good as [G]eorge [C]ostanza, people can never see him any other way," @axel_pond. While he'll always be George to us, the star has done more on "Criminal Minds" than sport an insane look — Alexander also directed an episode of "Criminal Minds," proving he's a multi-hyphenate talent.