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The Blood-Filled Mortal Kombat 3 Vinyl Has A Problem - But It's Not The 'Blood'

The ever-evolving "Mortal Kombat" has taken over the gaming world for decades, producing beloved games with a host of iconic characters behind them. Therefore, it's no surprise that the fighting game franchise has branched out beyond the gaming space throughout its lifespan. Comics have been published, "Mortal Kombat" film adaptations — one sitting among the worst video game movies of all time, according to Rotten Tomatoes — have reached the big screen, and mountains of merchandise have been produced. To commemorate "Mortal Kombat 3," an awesome clear vinyl record filled with fake blood was even released, though it has a big problem.

Sold by Enjoy the Ride Records in conjunction with WaterTower music and NetherRealm Studios, the blood-filled "MK3" record is a sight to behold. Unfortunately, not only do they all sell out at $159.99 a piece, but a lot of vinyl enthusiasts might not be able to play their copy. "Due to the thickness of this record, it is not recommended for use on any vertical turntable," the disclaimer on the Enjoy the Ride Records website reads. It adds that the company's employees tried it out on such a unit, but the thickness of the record means it can't lock in properly, leaving it at risk of falling out and potentially breaking. They recommend instead enjoying it on a traditional horizontal turntable instead.

These records can be played, but in reality, liquid-filled records like the "MK3" one are more so novelty pieces than anything else. At least, that's how many collectors look at them.

Liquid-filled records are more so collector pieces than anything else

Vinyl records filled with liquid are pretty cool to look at, and they add a lot of character to a given album. Considering how gory the games are — even when modded to include Disney characters, which is either awful or awesome — adding fake blood to the "Mortal Kombat 3" vinyl couldn't be more appropriate. Theoretically, these records are very much playable, ideally on a horizontal turntable, but many collectors don't see them as worth spinning up on a regular basis. In a Reddit thread by u/Polytetrahedron, music enthusiasts discussed these unconventional pieces, highlighting the good and the bad of them.

"They're two records pressed together with what looks like silicone holding them together, filled with the liquid, then sealed. A leak would empty into the outer sleeve (which I have double bagged), but still, could be disastrous," commented the original poster, noting the nightmare that could come with one such record breaking. u/onLibrarian also touched on how the movement of the liquid can lead to wear on the turntable's stylus and create sound distortion, making for an odd listening experience. Still, many others, like a now-deleted Reddit user, see them as a fun novelty that makes a neat collector's item.

Is the "Mortal Kombat 3" "blood" record visually appealing and playable? Certainly, but regardless of the turntable you have, and bearing in mind the testimonies of various collectors, you're likely best off keeping it solely as a display piece.