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AI Creates New Power Rangers Based On Countries & There's One Clear Winner

Though it has strong roots in the United States, "Power Rangers" is a true example of cultural exchange. The series started in Japan with the "Super Sentai" franchise,and that show's success led to the creation of the American "Power Rangers," which has so many shows that it'd be difficult to discuss them all without an explainer. Today, both the "Super Sentai" and "Power Rangers" franchises are still going strong. Despite being a global powerhouse, the "Power Rangers" franchise hasn't expanded to other countries ... until now. Using the power of artificial intelligence, YouTube creator Fun with A.I imagined what the Power Rangers would look like if they came from different countries. 

The results are surprisingly on point, making us wish there were "Power Rangers" shows from across the world. A major standout is the Ranger from Hungary, who boasts a regal, medieval-like armor perfect for a knight or king. The suit boasts the country's national colors: red, white, and green, and features an emblem of the mythical creature Turul on the chest plate. 

A jarring but welcome design is the Ranger from the United Arab Emirates. The design is simple, boasting clear sci-fi aesthetics with a red cape. The suit evokes the sleekness and technological advancements of the emirate's rapidly advancing and prominent skyline, which includes the Burj Khalifa — the tallest building in the world. While all of the designs in this concept are unique and pull from each country's aesthetic and culture, the best one we've seen is the Ranger from Iraq.  

The Middle Eastern Power Rangers are out of this world

The series has been going strong for a surprisingly long amount of time, so much so that there are "Power Rangers" actors you might know that are dead. That's all to say that despite dominating pop culture for three decades, the franchise has never jumped into the world of the Middle East, namely Iraq. While most of the designs created by artificial intelligence just take cues from each country's respective colors, the Iraqi Power Rangers design is a bit more nuanced. The suit is a sleek but rugged gold and features bits of black and red. 

This design choice is seemingly inspired by Iraq's coat of arms, which features a black-and-gold eagle.  The Ranger's helmet seems to be inspired by the head of an eagle and features loud shoulder pads. There's also subtle Arabic writing and designs on the armor. Beyond that, it's also one of the few designs that actually fits into the "Power Rangers" aesthetic. Some of the other suits, namely the Pakistani and Venezuelan suits, feel more in line with costumes worn by Marvel or DC superheroes. 

Most of the Middle Eastern suits are great, like the Afghanistan design, which features a cape and visor to shield the ranger from the country's sandy environment. Or consider the green Saudi Arabian suit, which marries the country's Islamic history with some of the more traditional "Super Sentai" garbs. That suit, in particular, is a worthy successor to the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" green suit that Tommy Oliver (Jason David Frank) wore.