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Supernatural Cast Gives Series Emotional Send-Off At SDCC 2019

The end is nigh for Supernatural.

At the long-running series' San Diego Comic-Con 2019 panel on Sunday, things got incredibly emotional — for the cast and the audience in attendance at Hall H. Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins reminisced on the show leading up to its 15th and final season (via Entertainment Weekly). 

"It's been quite a ride and it's hard to express what we're going to take away from that but lifelong friends, experiences of a lifetime," Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the show, said at the panel. "Looking back, I'm really proud of the work that this team has done for this long. To do a show is not easy. To make television is not as easy as people may think... It takes a lot of very talented people to give you guys the best product we can make. I'm really proud of that product. After this long on a show, to still truly love what we do and be proud to hang my hat on that at the end of the day, that's what I'm going to take."

Padalecki, Ackles' onscreen brother Sam Winchester, joked, "Can we all just start crying so I don't feel so weird?" 

Introduced as the angel Castiel on the fourth season of Supernatural, Collins said that Ackles and Padalecki are more than his castmates — they're friends he'll have for the rest of his life. And Supernatural is to thank for that.

"I consider these guys lifelong friends. I could never have dreamed that along with that would come this incredible fandom and this kind of iconic legacy of a show. It feels like a great honor to have been a part of it," said Collins, who also shared that he once wrote a "goal card" to channel his dream of one day working on a series where he creates everlasting bonds with his co-stars. He absolutely got his wish with Supernatural

Padalecki elsewhere promised fans that he'll never forget about the demon-hunting Sam after Supernatural concludes, saying, "I feel like I'm really lucky because my friendships won't go away and Sam Winchester, for me, won't go away. He'll be a part of me forever." He wrapped the Comic-Con presentation with a sentiment that sent attendees to their feet: "I'm the luckiest man on the planet. My cup runneth over. Thank you guys very much. I'm going to miss you."

Dry those tears, friends, because it isn't time to cry over Supernatural just yet. Though this year was (probably) the last time Supernatural, which follows Sam and Dean as they track down supernatural beings of all sorts, will make an appearance at SDCC, there's still a whole dang season of creature-capturing fun to be had. Supernatural executive producer Robert Berens teased that season 15 will follow up the concept of free will introduced on the season 14 finale, and will see our two favorite brothers making some tough decisions. 

Which roads will they travel down? Well, you'll have to wait until Supernatural season 15 premieres on Thursday, October 10 on the CW to find out.