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The Boys Season 4: Why Mother's Milk Looks Different (It's Not What You Think)

In the original Garth Ennis comics "The Boys," Mother's Milk is the most visually imposing figure of the group. Applying as much muscle as mind to the job, he is the level-headed brains of the team in the event that Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban on the show) loses his cool and goes a little off the rails in bringing down supes, which ends up being quite common. For the last three seasons, there's no doubt that Laz Alonso has certainly fit the part, carrying a presence among the team even when the real muscle is the quiet killer Kimiko, aka the Female (Karen Fukuhara). This time around, though, there's a drastic difference with M.M. that's apparent the second he returns to the screen, which the show even makes a point to address.

Besides lacking the brilliant beard that certainly added the imposing element to the character, Alonso has lost some weight since we last saw him bickering with Butch. Held up in the surveillance van, Kimiko even makes an effort to bring some entrées to her teammate, highlighting that she's concerned about his weight. Thankfully, it's nothing to be worried about and (as far as we can tell so far) isn't related to his character's journey this time around. It turns out that Alonso just wanted to work on himself between seasons and even updated fans on the transformation prior to the show's return.

Mother's Milk is looking trim thanks to Laz Alonso's new health regime

Taking to Instagram in December 2023, Laz Alonso revealed that he was assessing what he'd been putting into his body and making effort to ensure it was only good stuff from here on out after taking a DNA test. "What I loved about this DNA test is that it told me exactly what vitamins I needed, what supplements I needed, and what I didn't need," he said. This explains the far trimmer M.M. that we're reuniting with this time around. Alonso added, "The DNA test was something that literally revolutionized the way that I look at supplementation and being healthy because I'm only putting in my body what my body is deficient in."

In the grand scheme of things, Alonso might need to be in tip-top shape to handle things this season. Following the ending of "The Boys" Season 3, and from details sprinkled within "The Boys"' Season 4 trailer, it's clear that Butcher is losing his grip on his team and is in no fit state to lead them, potentially forcing the second-in-command to step up and face Homelander and company here on out. We'll have to wait and see if he's up to the task when the show continues next week.

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