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David Harbour's Comedy-Horror Special Is Coming To Netflix In July

Thanks to David Harbour, some even "stranger things" are dropping on Netflix this July.

Right on the heels of Stranger Things' third season, series regular David Harbour, whose beloved character Chief Jim Hopper has become a fan favorite, will release on Netflix a comedy-horror special called Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein on Tuesday, July 16.

Harbour, who also starred in the recent Hellboy reboot, will be playing not one but two roles. The mockumentary focuses on Harbour's mission to dig up dirt on his late father, who wrote a play based around Frankenstein, so naturally, Harbour will be playing both himself and his mysterious, Brando-esque father. Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein will also feature venerated actors like Alfred Molina and comedians such as Kate Berlant, alongside plenty of other guest stars.

The trailer for Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein keeps its tongue firmly in cheek, maintaining a super-serious tone while also including plenty of heightened comedic scenes and totally ridiculous moments from Harbour's father's totally fictional televised play. It even features a review quote, although it's pretty suspect: apparently, Stranger Things' David Harbour says the project has "more twists than Stranger Things."

While Harbour might be most popular for his role on Stranger Things, he's appeared in plenty of other prestigious projects, including Oscar nominee Brokeback Mountain and the Bond installment Quantum of Solace. He's also got plenty of upcoming projects on his plate, including a turn in the upcoming Black Widow prequel, but it looks like he wanted to have a little fun with this Netflix special first.

After the overwhelming success of Stranger Things, which is dropping a summer season this year (rather than sticking to the near-Halloween release date that its second season saw), it makes sense that Netflix would want to keep working with Harbour, who has become incredibly popular both on and offscreen thanks to Hopper's emotional relationship with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) as well as Harbour's real-life charm.

Fans of Stranger Things will almost certainly flock to Harbour's special, so 12 days after season 3 drops, they can expect a little more Hopper in their life, but in a completely different light. Hopper might be one of the show's emotional cores, but thanks to that, Harbour hardly ever gets to show off his weird, whimsical, or comedic chops. Now, Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein is his chance to display the other side of the man behind Jim Hopper.