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Veronica Mars Revival Trailer Takes Us To A Crime Wave In Neptune

Neptune called, and she answered. 

Hulu has dropped the official trailer for the hotly anticipated Veronica Mars revival, which is packed with goodies for longtime fans of the mystery drama series to scream about. 

The trailer for the new season of Veronica Mars, set to debut on Hulu on July 26, first establishes the premise of the story that follows 10 years after its titular character left her hometown of Neptune, California.

"I spent my first 19 years trying to escape my hometown. Made it out, then after a decade away, decided it needed me and I needed it," says Kristen Bell's Veronica Mars in a voiceover at the start of the clip. 

The private investigator is older and wiser now but just as spunky and driven as she's ever been, determined to discover the culprit behind a string of deadly bombings taking place during spring break in the seaside town. Having faced death, destruction, devastation, and dastardly criminals in her past, Veronica is prepared for the challenging new mystery she's thrust into when the family of one murder victim requests the services of Mars Investigations. As the footage teases, she'll dive deep into a labyrinth lined with cash, secrets, and a sinister desire to destroy sunny Neptune forever. 

The Veronica Mars revival trailer also hints that Veronica could lose her father, Keith (Enrico Colantoni), who is seen admitting that he's thinking of retiring... and then shown trying to diffuse a bomb. (What's up with that?) To off-set that horrible possibility, the clip teases steamy scenes between Veronica and Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring), who explains that he's back from the Navy on extended leave, and some harsh-but-true banter between Veronica and Nicole (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who questions why LoVe (the couple name for Logan and Veronica) is always so tumultuous. 

If it wasn't evident by this footage alone, the upcoming episodes of Veronica Mars will be unlike anything viewers have seen from the series before. Lead actress Bell previously noted that the revival is likely to split fans: "This will be a controversial season. Let me just say that. I am excited for people to watch and I am also probably going to stay off the internet once it airs. There's some stuff that happens that people will have strong feelings about."

Sounds a lot like what Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss said about their plans for the airing of the series' finale – which inspired some, er, candid reactions from fans. Hopefully, response to the Veronica Mars miniseries revival will be mostly positive. Fingers crossed for lots of passion and no petitions for a remake.

Veronica Mars returns for its eight-episode fourth season on July 26. Binge-watch the first three seasons on Hulu starting on July 1.