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Jessica Jones Season 3 Teaser Reveals Official Premiere Date

The beginning of the end is upon us. 

Netflix has released the first teaser for the third season of Marvel's Jessica Jones, the final chapter of the superhero series that was unceremoniously axed earlier this year. 

What the footage lacks in length and explicit plot details, it more than makes up for in tension. Only about 15 seconds of the teaser show viewers any real glimpses at the upcoming season, though 15 seconds is all that's needed to send hype for Jessica Jones' return skyrocketing. It opens on a shot of the hallway leading to Alias Investigations, the detective agency Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) owns. The camera is unsteady as it moves closer to the door, and the heavy breathing of an unknown man creates a palpable sense of dread. A gloved hand raps on the glass of the door to Alias Investigations — then we see Jessica approaching the door from the other side with a worried expression on her face. Something tells us she knows who is looking for her, and he isn't a friendly face.  Suddenly and violently, the screen flashes red and black — first displaying a man's face and then showing Jessica being dragged across the floor. 

From there, the actual footage of the teaser ends, and the title card appears and confirms that the final season of Jessica Jones is coming to Netflix on June 14.

Fans should prepare themselves to witness Jessica cross paths with "a highly intelligent psychopath," repair her "fractured relationship" with Trish (Rachael Taylor) in order to defeat him, and experience a "devastating loss." This trauma takes a toll on both Jessica and Trish, and the two butt heads once more as their "conflicting ideas of heroism" place them on "a collision course that will forever change them both."

A new villain? Jessica and Trish working together? The troubled twosome clashing yet again when the stakes are higher than ever? This sounds — and looks — like an incredibly bold story that should translate into a gripping final season. Whether it will cushion the blow that fans felt when Netflix pulled the plug on Jessica Jones back in February remains to be seen, but everything at this point signals that the last remaining Marvel superhero series on the streaming platform will go out with a bang. Jessica has certainly been through her fair share of hardships, so hopefully the hard-drinking heroine can get somewhat of a happy ending after all is said and done. 

Queue up the 13-episode third season of Jessica Jones starting on June 14.