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Ben Affleck & JLo's 2024 Super Bowl Dunkin Commercial Turned A Tragedy Into The Cringiest Joke

Not every Super Bowl commercial can be the best, or even as memorable and heart-tugging as classic outings like those Budweiser Clydesdales. Dunkin' Donuts' rowdy 2024 outing — which features Ben Affleck embarrassing his wife, Jennifer Lopez, by auditioning for a Dunkin' Donut-centered act musical co-starring his best friend, Matt Damon, and former football star Tom Brady — does not appear to be one of those memorable advertisements. 

Audiences were somewhat appalled to hear Affleck refer to himself as "The Boston Massacre" while taking on a tough rap persona, and viewers enjoying the Super Bowl on X did not spare the commercial any flack. "Did no one on the dunkin PR team think it may not be the best to yell "here comes the Boston massacre" on an ad," said @smilylith.

It's a name that evokes memories of the historical event which acted as a flashpoint for the American Revolution. The skirmish, which occurred on March 5, 1770, between rebellious Americans and British soldiers, killed five and wounded six. Enough outrage sprang to life from this incident to spark a revolution, resulting in the war for American independence. While audiences didn't find favor with Affleck's Dunkin' commercial, they did find previous Affleck-related commercials a hit.

The legacies of Affleck and The Dunk have long been intertwined

While the results of this year's Super Bowl campaign seem to be mixed, Ben Affleck's previous Dunkin' Donuts ads have all reached popular acclaim. In 2023, he became the company's spokesman and appeared in two different ads for the company: one in which he gives an impassioned monologue for a counter worker and another in which he takes over work a drive-thru window at one of the company's many locations. That outing also featured Affleck's wife, Jennifer Lopez, whose appearance as a customer results in Affleck leaving his post. Affleck has continued to act as a pitchman for the brand, appearing in commercials with Charli D'Amelio, Ice Spice, and Jack Harlow.

Affleck's name became synonymous with the pastry-centric eatery when a paparazzi member's photograph of the actor juggling a large order from the restaurant went viral in 2020. It was a small stroke of fate that soon had Affleck rolling in some serious dough of a different kind.