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Who Is The Actress With Dan Levy In The Homes.com Commercials?

Of all the brands dropping big bucks on Super Bowl commercials this year, Homes.com certainly isn't the flashiest or best known. But that didn't stop the site from launching a series of ads starring comedians Dan Levy and Heidi Gardner. Levy has become a pretty big name in recent years, rising to stardom on "Schitt's Creek" and remaining a household name ever since. Gardner may be a bit less recognizable for the casual Super Bowl viewer, but if you're a fan of "Saturday Night Live," you'll recognize her instantly.

Gardner joined the cast of "SNL" back in 2017, and she's been one of its leading stars in the last few years. She's also appeared on TV shows like "Girls5eva," "That Damn Michael Che," and "Shrinking," in which she played the recurring role of Grace in 2023. The Homes.com ads also feature stars like Jeff Goldblum — spokesman of sister site Apartments.com — and rapper Lil Wayne. But unlike her famous commercial co-stars, Gardner has another special connection to the Super Bowl this year.

Heidi Gardner's Kansas City connection

It's appropriate that Heidi Gardner has a starring commercial role for Super Bowl LVIII, as she was born and raised in Kansas City. The KC Chiefs, led by the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, are once again in the mix this year, competing for their second-straight championship and their third in five years.

The city's local sports teams were a big part of Gardner's life growing up, and she remains a stalwart fan of both the Chiefs and the Royals. "Some of my favorite memories as a kid were sitting at Mammo and Bampo's house, eating Dilly Bars from the Dairy Queen nearby," Gardner told Visit KC in 2020. "The windows would be open with a warm summer breeze and we would be watching a Royals game. It was the best." Given how many celebrities get paychecks for Super Bowl commercials, it's nice to see someone with a local connection get recognized.