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The Bear Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More

"The Bear" has been a powerhouse for both FX and Hulu. The Chicago-based series starring Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri became one of the network's most-watched shows when it first arrived, and its Season 2 premiere is the streamer's most-watched debut to date. The initial outing primarily followed White's character, Carmy Berzatto, as he dealt with small business challenges, familial drama, and mentoring Edebiri's Sydney Adamu when he took over the family sandwich shop after the tragic death of his brother. The next season chronicled the revamp of the restaurant while everyone dealt with their own personal journeys. Both critically acclaimed runs left viewers hungry for more, and after patiently waiting to be served information on the show's future, fans have confirmation that "The Bear" will be back for Season 3.

The renewal was announced on November 6, 2023, and FX seems very excited for audiences to dig into more episodes. "'The Bear,' which wowed audiences in its first season only to achieve even greater heights in season two, has become a cultural phenomenon," president of FX Entertainment Nick Grad said. "We're so proud to partner with Christopher Storer, Joanna Calo, Josh Senior, and the rest of the creative team, as well as the brilliant cast led by Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach. What they and the crew have done is truly remarkable, and we and our partners at Hulu join fans in looking forward to the next chapter in the story of 'The Bear.'"

With more of the hit series on the way, it's the perfect time for fans to see what's on the menu for Season 3 of "The Bear."

When will The Bear Season 3 be released?

Good news, cousin. We'll get to savor "The Bear's" delicious narrative incredibly soon. During the Television Critics Association's winter 2024 press tour, FX chairman John Landgraf announced that Season 3 of "The Bear" would hit Hulu sometime in June 2024. A few months after that initial statement, Hulu released a quick teaser that revealed the official release date. If you're starving for more of Carmy and Richie's profanity-laden banter, it'll get served up for your viewing enjoyment on June 26. All 10 episodes will drop on the same day, which will be a fantastic feast for "Bear" fans everywhere.

Who is starring in The Bear Season 3?

All the fan-favorite characters from "The Bear" are returning for Season 3. Jeremy Allen White is putting the apron back on to play the uptight Carmy while Ayo Edebiri — who's been keeping busy with projects like "Bottoms" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem" — will return as his long-suffering right hand, Sydney. And of course, Ebon Moss-Bachrach will return as the irascible Cousin Richie before we see him playing Ben Grimm in "The Fantastic Four."

Abby Elliott (Natalie), Lionel Boyce (Marcus), and Matty Matheson (Neil) will all return to their respective kitchen roles, and we'll also see Molly Gordon (Claire), Liza Colón-Zayas (Tina) and Edwin Lee Gibson (Ebraheim). As for additional names, the show has been known to feature a number of guest stars like Oliver Platt, Jon Bernthal, and Will Poulter, as well as a slew of cameos from the likes of Bob Odenkirk, Olivia Colman, Jaimie Lee Curtis, and Sarah Paulson. Platt is definitely back as Uncle Jimmy, and based on the Season 3 trailer, it looks like Bernthal will also appear in at least one flashback sequence. 

It seems almost guaranteed that Poulter will return as Chef Luca, as the actor was filmed on the set of "The Bear" Season 3. And speaking with Deadline, Jeremy Allen White said he'd love to see Curtis and Colman return, and he also hopes that maybe the show could feature turns from Sam Rockwell and John Turturro

What is the plot of The Bear Season 3?

After watching the second season finale, fans are eager to see how things are going with the restaurant after the wild yet promising opening night. We're especially curious to see how Carmy deals with his personal issues and whether or not he can bounce back from some of the mistakes he made getting the new venture up and running, like getting locked inside a walk-in refrigerator and breaking up with Claire in the heat of the moment.

Based on the Season 3 trailer, we know Fak will be doing his best to get Claire and Carmy back together. We also know that's going to be complicated as Carmy is very focused on his search for a Michelin star. As part of his plan, he's drafted a list of "non-negotiables" to force his staff to reach his level of insane perfectionism. It also appears that Carmy and Sydney will become official business partners, and we're sure that's not going to create any additional stress for Sydney whatsoever.

Is there a trailer for The Bear Season 3?

In the official trailer for "The Bear" Season 3, we see the anxiety levels are getting even higher in Carmy's kitchen. He's created a list of non-negotiables, which contains platitudes like "evolve through collaboration" and "push boundaries." Clearly, the non-negotiables are going to cause some friction at the restaurant, with a skeptical Sydney expressing "snark, contempt even" for Carmy's new rules.

The trailer shows that Carmy has drafted a partnership agreement between the two, so the two chefs can constantly push each other. And we're assuming there's going to be plenty of pushing as food critics appear, the wait staff screws up, and Richie brings his own flair to the dining experience. On top of all that, Claire is still out there, and we can't help but root for her to get back with Carmy ... if Carmy could ever just chill for a second and overcome his need to succeed.

Who is directing The Bear Season 3?

There is a good chance that Christopher Storer and Joanna Calo will be two of the people sitting in the director's chair for "The Bear" Season 3, considering they've done such a good job during the first two seasons. Calo, who also works on the comedy-drama as an executive producer and writer, has directed five entries over both runs. Storer, the series creator, has also served as director on the series for twelve of its 18 episodes, earning nominations for the DGA's 2023 Outstanding Directorial Achievement in a Comedy Series and the 2023 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series for the episode "Review."

It is currently unknown if any new directors will be recruited to helm any of the third season's entries, considering only one other individual outside of Storer or Calo has been called upon to do so. Ramy Youssef, creator and star of the series "Ramy," directed an entry in the first season. Whether they bring new chefs into the mix or let the staff they already have continue making well-crafted episodes, audiences can expect that the right people will be chosen to nail the recipe for a third course.

Who is writing The Bear Season 3?

In addition to creating the successful series and serving as its director, Christopher Storer is also one of the show's writers and will most certainly continue in this role on Season 3. It's doubtful he would stop, considering his work in this department has gotten the attention of the Emmy Awards, giving him another nomination, this time for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series, for penning the episode "System."

It should also be expected that executive producer and director Joanna Calo, who also has writing credits on the show, would return in the same capacity. Sofya Levitsky-Weitz, Karen Joseph Adcock, Catherine Schetina, Rene Gube, and Stacy Osei-Kuffour were also in the WGA award-winning writer's room and could very well be involved with the cultivation of the next highly anticipated set of episodes. Whatever happens, it seems safe to assume that the most qualified people will be in the kitchen to cook up "The Bear" Season 3.

Who is producing The Bear Season 3?

You may not realize it, but it takes a lot of chefs to make "The Bear" the small-screen masterpiece it's become known as, and in order to keep the rave reviews coming in, they'll need those who know how to get the recipe right. The show's producers have not gone unnoticed, earning distinguished accolades from the Film Independent Spirit Awards and PGA Awards, as well as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The talented team of executive producers cooking up all that acclaim and award attention includes creator Christopher Storer and fellow writer and director Joanna Calon. Rounding out the rest of the executive producers on staff who are presumably coming back for another season include Josh Senior, Tyson Bidner, Hiro Murai, Rene Gube, Kelly Galuska, Cooper Wehde, Ayo Edibiri, Brian McGinn, and Jason Sterman. It's probably also a safe guess that supervising producer Stacei Osei-Kuffour, consulting producer Alex Russell, and culinary producer Courtney Storer will also be back for the third course.

Where you can watch previous seasons of The Bear

Folks looking to ease the hunger pain that lingers while they wait for "The Bear" Season 3 may have trouble finding something to fit their appetite for compelling drama mixed with humor, so while they wait, it may be an opportune time to revisit the first two seasons in their entirety while waiting to be seated for the next run. Fortunately, there are 18 episodes available to rewatch, and both seasons of "The Bear" can be found on the streaming service Hulu, the series' first and only home. While they can't make the time pass more quickly, they most assuredly provide the proper ingredients for a feast-worthy binge session certain to hold fans over until the next set of episodes are cooked to perfection.