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Marvel's Kingpin Actor Vincent D'Onofrio Reacts To Daredevil BTS Turmoil Reports

"Daredevil: Born Again" has been at the center of Marvel drama recently, with Marvel Studios firing the creative team and ordering a redo of the reboot as part of a complete restructuring of the TV side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while most of those involved have remained quiet on the subject, Kingpin himself, Vincent D'Onofrio, has offered a first-hand opinion on the situation.

"Unless you really know what's going [on], there's a chance you could be wrong about this statement," D'Onofrio said on X, formerly known as Twitter, replying to a fan who poked fun at one of the actor's previous tweets voicing excitement for the upcoming show. "We are going to bring forward the best series we can. One we can be proud of. Have some trust my friend, trust."

The new drama surrounding "Daredevil: Born Again" is just the latest in a seemingly endless cycle plaguing Marvel Studios' reboot. Previously, fans had worried that the series wouldn't live up to its Netflix predecessor, citing Disney's family-oriented production keeping it from achieving its full potential. However, even then, D'Onofrio came to the show's defense, voicing his excitement for "Born Again" and praising the cast and crew. Now, he is again asking fans to trust him and those involved, suggesting they shouldn't jump to conclusions based on reported information.

D'Onofrio says the Daredevil drama is normal

From the outside looking in, fans are understandably worried about "Daredevil: Born Again." The Hollywood strikes forced the MCU series to pause production, and now that Marvel Studios has fired the writers and directors, it seems like the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is in some serious danger. However, according to his longstanding nemesis, the latest drama is part of the process. 

After saying fans shouldn't be quick to judge the situation without all of the information, Vincent D'Onofrio posted a second tweet, ensuring that the latest round of drama is nothing new for the industry. "Every project I've been involved with has evolved constantly during pre-production, production, and post. It's just reported on these days as if it's big news. It's not," he wrote. "It's simply a bunch of creatives doing their best to get it right. It's a constant in this business." 

It seems D'Onofrio wants fans to trust the process and look on the bright side of the latest drama, as it shows Marvel Studios' determination to do the "Daredevil" characters justice. While fans will undoubtedly continue to worry about "Daredevil: Born Again," D'Onofrio feels it isn't necessary. After all, if Marvel wasn't willing to start over with the reboot, then that would be the real cause for concern, as that would suggest they aren't doing everything they could to ensure the best possible product.