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Which Heisman Trophy Winner Stars In The Geico Football Commercials?

GEICO has been taking advantage of the college football season with a hilarious set of commercials featuring a familiar collegiate athlete, and certain viewers might want to know which iconic Heisman trophy recipient was paired with the franchise's infamous Gecko.

The "Mascot" promo features an individual in a Gecko suit making a guest appearance on "ESPN's College Gameday," while the Gecko looks on in disappointment at how none of the talking points are being brought up. It is revealed at the end to be former Heisman trophy winner and renowned college football analyst Desmond Howard in the Gecko costume. He also appears in the "Collectibles" ad, where he is shown the Gecko's room of football memorabilia featuring his gloves and bobblehead.

In addition to his GEICO gig, Howard has also done endorsements for EA Sports, Coca-Cola, Wendy's, Nissan, AFLAC, and UPS. But before he was starring in commercials, Howard made a name for himself on the University of Michigan's football team. As a formidable Big Ten wide receiver, Howard's tenure with the Wolverines resulted in several broken records and memorable moments, like his celebrated touchdown against archrival Ohio State, where he pulled off the notorious Heisman pose after scoring a touchdown, all before he won the coveted honor in 1991 by one of the largest voting margins of victory in the history of the award.

While he may not be a household name like Tom Brady, Howard's college years did give him enough notoriety to enjoy a rewarding run as a TV personality and earn a certain NFL accolade no one else has been able to match.

Heisman winner Desmond Howard holds a special place in Super Bowl history

Beyond taking home a Heisman and sharing screen time with the GEICO Gecko, it's no secret Desmond Howard has managed to rack up a number of impressive victories throughout his career on and off the field. His efforts at the collegiate level earned him the cover of the "NCAA College Football 2006" video game, an induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2011, and his #21 officially retired in 2015. After his professional career ended, Howard took his talents to the realm of sports commentary as an analyst, mostly known for his work on "ESPN's College Gameday," and various commercial appearances.

While his endeavors before and after his run in the NFL have earned him considerable acclaim and notoriety, Howard's time at the professional level wasn't as promising but did feature an absurdly iconic highlight. Howard helped secure the Green Bay Packers a victory at Super Bowl XXXI with a magnificent maneuver. "Once you return the kickoff 99 yards in the Super Bowl, you take all the wind out of their sails and pretty much any hope that they had of a comeback," Howard said when discussing some of the NFL's most Clutch Plays in Super Bowl History

Given everything the latest GEICO mascot has accomplished, Howard's college, professional, and TV career could arguably make the case for another entry into the compelling catalog of football movies available.