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Blue Bloods: Callie Thorne Plays Maggie In More Episodes Than You May Have Realized

"Blue Bloods" is a family show, to the point that even its guest stars have popped up more than once over the years. Callie Thorne — known for her long, rich career in dramas like "Homicide: Life on the Street" and "Rescue Me" — has been playing psychic medium Maggie Gibson on and off since Season 9. But she wasn't just a one-off guest; the actor has appeared as Maggie five different times.

A close friend of Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg), Maggie is occasionally bought in to help Danny and the rest of the department with tough, hard-to-crack cases. Since Maggie claims she has a connection to the spiritual world and Danny is a strictly by-the-books kind of guy, they seem to be completely unlikely friends. Yet Maggie has a gift for helping Danny loosen up. She's even gotten him to sing karaoke on one occasion, hearkening back in a way to Wahlberg's New Kids on the Block past.

Maggie has since become one of the show's most popular guest characters, with one outlet naming her among their 10 favorite recurring personalities  — and even as a possible romantic match for Danny.

Maggie has been named one of the show's most memorable guest characters

Maggie is a fascinating character. She claims her connection to the other side of reality is powered by her connection to her deceased daughter, which helps her figure out who's really guilty and who's simply a victim of circumstance. During "Ghosted," her connection with her daughter and the netherworld is damaged when she's stabbed and nearly dies herself. Fortunately, old-fashioned detective work puts Maggie's perp behind bars.

Callie Thorne's five appearances in "Blue Bloods" are scattered across four different seasons: she appears in Season 9's "Ripple Effect," where she helps Danny and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) figure out that a woman's purported suicide is in fact a murder. Later that season, she pops up in "Common Enemies" to help Danny acclimate to the recent loss of his wife, Linda (Amy Carlson). In Season 10's "The Real Deal," Danny and Maria call her in to help out with a seemingly impossible-to-solve homicide. Season 12's "Hate is Hate" features her helping out Danny and Maria with the murder of a young boy. And in Season 13's "Ghosted," she ultimately becomes the victim of a violent crime.

How popular is Maggie as a recurring character? She came in at No. 5 on TV Insider's list of the 11 most memorable characters in "Blue Bloods" history. Some outlets even think she might make a good romantic match for Danny Reagan — TV Line specifically pointed out the character's solid chemistry. Whether they fall in love or just stay friends, at least Maggie is someone who'll always be in Danny's corner, come rain or shine.