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How Deadpool 2 Became One Of Aubrey Plaza's Most Painful Failures

Aubrey Plaza might be on course to mess around in "Agatha Harkness: Darkhold Diaries," but it isn't her first time dabbling in the stupendous and expansive world of the Marvel universe. Back in 2017, Plaza caused chaos in the FX series "Legion" as The Shadow King and was a force to be reckoned with. Around the same time, there was another corner of the comic book world she had her eye on but unfortunately didn't get the chance to play around in. It involved sharing the screen with the Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), in his sweary sequel, "Deadpool 2."

As revealed in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Plaza attempted to take on the role of Domino, the ludicrously lucky assassin and X-Force member, who ended up being played by Zazie Beetz. "There are a lot of roles that I really wanted that I didn't get, but everything happens for a reason ... The one that sticks out to me for some reason, I think it was 'Deadpool 2,'" she explained. "I had just come off a plane, and I think I was shooting 'Legion' at the time." Had things gone to plan, it would've been Plaza's second stint in the world of mutants after the TV show, which focuses on Charles Xavier's son. Plaza admitted she wasn't in the right zone at the right time for the potential gig.

Audrey Plaza didn't deliver for Domino, and it still stings

On paper, it certainly seems like Aubrey Plaza would've been a great choice for the deadpan X-Force member who always has luck on her side. If only the mutant's special gift could've fed through to Plaza's audition because, as she saw it, she wasn't in the headspace for it. "I really wasn't in a good zone 'cause auditioning ... you have to be in an auditioning zone, and I was in a 'work zone.' That one hurt," she admitted to Cosmopolitan. "Me and Ryan Reynolds, what could go wrong? We would be great together."

Of course, Zazie Beetz provided a brilliant turn as the mutant that dodged all manner of dangerous fates, and while there's no confirmation if she'll reprise the role for "Deadpool 3," she certainly left her mark in the franchise. Perhaps things worked out for the best, given that Plaza will be playing tricks and doing all kinds of magic opposite Kathryn Hahn, who will be returning as Agatha Harkness. Plaza is rumored to be stepping in as Rio Vidal, an original character who is allegedly a Green witch and Agatha's former lover. Guess she got lucky after all, then?

At least Aubrey Plaza gets to work with Ryan Reynolds in another movie

Aubrey Plaza is confident that she and Ryan Reynolds would have made a great team in "Deadpool 2," and they probably would have as they're both excellent comedic actors. While that opportunity never came to fruition, the pair will finally get the chance to work together in the upcoming road trip comedy "Animal Friends," which also stars Jason Momoa and Vince Vaughn. 

Plot details for the Peter Atencio-directed movie are unknown at this time, other than it will involve animals who become friends. The film will also be R-rated, so perhaps Plaza and Reynolds will get to engage in the foul-mouthed humor that's made the "Deadpool" franchise so popular.

What's more, with Plaza and Reynolds both set to grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future, they could cross paths again as they'll technically be part of the same franchise. Until then, fans can also look forward to seeing Plaza in movies such as "Megalopolis," "Olga Dies Dreaming," "Scott Pilgrim Takes Off," and other projects.