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How To Get Away With Murder: How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

Witnesses, suspect, bury. They're the three pillars taught by criminal defense professor and lawyer Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) on the hit drama "How to Get Away with Murder." It's just one of the many shining gems in Shonda Rhimes' empire, which started airing on ABC in 2014. The lessons soon go beyond the classroom as Annalise chooses some students to join her in the courtroom while working alongside members of her law firm. But danger is lurking, meaning these students must put their skills into action to survive. The twists and turns make for a compelling drama that had quite a healthy run.

The series could be the perfect TV show to binge on a weekend, with the show lasting 90 episodes across six seasons. Each season contains 15 episodes, with Season 6, Episode 15, "Stay," coming in at 41 minutes in length, revealing the fate of Annalise and the other remaining characters. While the series wrapped up its loose ends, including a look into Annalise's future, the show's creator said he may be open to more potential stories in the universe of this compelling crime drama. But the show's finale does not set the stage for a new show.  

The moment that was not meant to set up a potential spin-off, according to the show's creator

Following the "How to Get Away with Murder" series finale in 2020, the show's creator, Peter Nowalk told, Entertainment Weekly that he has not ruled out the possibility of exploring a new story featuring members of the Keating 5, but it would have to stand out. "I really would want it to be a show that can exist on its own, meaning even if you haven't watched 'How to Get Away with Murder,' you could watch the new thing ... I just would want it to feel unique," he said. 

Some speculated that the series finale was setting up a potential spin-off by showing Wes Gibbons' (Alfred Enoch) son Christopher Castillo (also Enoch) teaching Criminal Law 100, but Nowalk told Deadline that the moment was never meant to set up another show but rather pay tribute to Annalise Keating's influence as a teacher.

While the team worked to give the show a satisfying ending, Nowalk hopes that fans have since made up their own stories about what these characters are doing now. "One of my goals with this was to give answers but also to allow for imagination," he told Entertainment Weekly. In July 2019, ABC announced that Season 6 would be the last season of "How to Get Away with Murder," with Nowalk stating that it felt like the show was ending naturally.