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Gold Rush: Mine Rescue - Where Is Juan Ibarra From & What Work Does He Do There?

Discovery's "Gold Rush" proved to be such a small-screen success that it became the center of a TV franchise. One of the more recent additions to the "Gold Rush" saga is "Gold Rush: Mine Rescue," which premiered in 2021 and details how mines can go from fledgling operations to thriving business ventures. Alongside experienced miner and self-proclaimed fixer, Freddy Dodge, the series puts the spotlight on Juan Ibarra, who, unsurprisingly, given his prominence on the program, is no stranger to the mining career path and the equipment required to get the job done right.

Ibarra has appeared throughout the "Gold Rush" franchise over the years, displaying his expertise with heavy machinery, but don't be fooled. He's not just a TV personality. In fact, he keeps himself incredibly busy when the cameras aren't rolling. He hails from Reno, Nevada, where he spearheads his own aptly-named business, Ibarra Industries, in addition to pursuing his mechanic work (via CTech Manufacturing). Suffice to say, Ibarra is a skilled laborer in a variety of fields, which has caused him to have quite a loaded schedule.

Though he's not involved in the most glamorous lines of work out there, Ibarra has shared that he's more than happy with the life he's created for himself and is humbled by the progress he's made so far.

Ibarra has worked hard to get where he is today

Like so many who decide to start a small business, Juan Ibarra had to work hard to climb the ladder of success. During a chat with Palfinger, the "Gold Rush" staple shared what his living situation was like growing up and what brought him to pursue the lines of work he has. "I come from a family of five. I'm the only boy of five. I have four older sisters. So growing up, I had my mom, but then really, I had four other moms, and to this day, I still do," he said, adding that he worked alongside his father doing plumbing work, setting the stage for him to pursue his own business.

Thus, Ibarra Industries — formerly Ibarra Plumbing from its creation in 2004 up to 2011 — was born, providing plumbing and other services to those who need them. The business has grown significantly in the years since its founding, and Ibarra couldn't be happier and more humbled by the journey so far, saying, "I started out as a one-man band with a little, tiny service truck that I put together. Now I look back at what we started with to what we have now. It's been a huge transformation, and honestly, it's been a good transformation."

Whether he's on "Gold Rush: Mine Rescue" or maintaining Ibarra Industries, it's clear that Juan Ibarra is a man of action and someone who cares about his craft. Surely he and his company will continue to find success in the years to come.