The Office: How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

NBC's iconic hit series "The Office" continues to enrapture audiences a decade after its finale. That final episode was the end of a nine-season run that took place from March 2005 to May 2013. During that time, roughly two hundred episodes aired. However, the specific number of episodes in total depends on how you count them and who you ask.

According to our count, there are 188 individual episodes of "The Office" within its nine seasons. This number is backed up by IMDb. However, it doesn't take into account the significant number of two-part episodes that aired at various times during the show. Seasons 4, 5, and 6 are particularly loaded with these two-parters. When you consider these lengthy installments as two episodes each, though, you still get different numbers depending on where you go. We took the safest bet by counting them right on the show's home streaming service of Peacock, which reports a grand total of 203 individual episodes (again, that's counting each two-parter as two individual episodes). Whether it's 188 or 203, in either case, there is a lot of content out there documenting the daily quirks and guffaws of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office.

The fluid (and still growing) episode count for The Office

While it's possible to come up with at least a rough estimate of the number of episodes from "The Office," there are a couple of caveats that are worth considering. For instance, two-part episodes aside, there are also the Superfan episodes that live on Peacock. These are giant mega-cut iterations of each episode that include anywhere from a few to several extra minutes of previously cut footage. As of this writing, there are 123 Superfan episodes available spanning the first six seasons of the show.

The other element to consider is the smorgasbord of webisodes that were released alongside the main show. The first of these, called "The Accountants," was a 10-part series of featurettes that aired early in the show's history, neatly tucked between Season 2 and Season 3. Over the course of the show, eight other webisode series came out, each between two and four episodes in length. Add them all together, and you end up with 37 more mini-yet-mighty doses of "Office" greatness. When you combine the full episodes (counting two-parters individually) along with the Superfan episodes and webisodes, the grand total rises to a staggering 363 individual episodes and webisodes.

Don't even get us started on the "Office Ladies" podcast with Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, who respectively played Pam and Angela. That show, which dissects each episode individually, has already worked through nearly eight seasons of content, along with many fun detours and stops along the way. "The Office" may have stopped airing over a decade ago, but the myriad of entertainment items it's left in its wake makes it a cult classic that just keeps on giving.